What is John Barrowman’s net worth?

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It has been a while since Doctor Who fans saw John Barrowman appear as Jack Harkness. The character returned in Season 12 after 10 years. People still remember her beloved major role on the TV show Torchwood.

Barrowman kept himself busy during his time away from the series with various shows and films. The avid actor branched out into other career paths, gaining considerable net worth along the way.

John Barrowman’s early career

Barrowman began his theater career as an actor in the late 1980s. He was in the productions of All is well and The Phantom of the Opera. Barrowman went on to land roles in prime-time movies and dramas. He has appeared in several short-lived serials such as Central Park West.

While B-rated movies aren’t always Oscar-worthy, they can be quite entertaining. People spotted Barrowman in a low budget movie called Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. It was one of his first leading roles, but most of his work has been on television.

In 2005, Barrowman entered the Doctor Who the universe as Captain Jack Harkness. The character has made several appearances since. Jack is an immortal human after his resurrection and eventually becomes the face of Boe.

Jack became popular and got his own spinoff series called Torchwood. It ran from 2006 to 2011, and Barrowman returned as Jack Harkness to lead a small team of alien hunters. Jack Harkness was a time travel agent and con artist before joining the Torchwood organization.

John Barrowman’s current net worth

Over the years, Barrowman has built a distinguished career in television and theater. Although the star is not as rich as other celebrities, he has acquired considerable wealth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Barrowman has an estimated net worth of $ 4 million.

Of course, Barrowman makes most of his money from his acting gigs. It is not known how much he earned from his role in Torchwood. Barrowman is still being paid for his performance as Jack Harkness since the star recently reprized his role in Doctor Who. However, he did other work throughout his career.

The actor is a singer and has produced several studio albums. Barrowman is also an author and creator of comics. According to Fantastic fiction, he co-wrote a fantastic series called Hollow earth. Barrowman also produced a comic book for Torchwood.

Barrowman has also successfully published other works of fiction. Since he is always looking for work, he will likely maintain or even increase his net worth.

Other notable roles

In addition to appearing in Torchwood, Barrowman’s other notable projects include the series Arrow, a superhero series based on characters from DC Comics. The actor first appeared as a recurring supervillain named Malcolm Merlyn. Also known as Dark Archer, he is a wealthy businessman and appears in the spinoff series Legends of tomorrow.

Barrowman became a regular on the show in season three before making guest appearances in season five and beyond. Other roles include Jeremy in Dark zero thirty and Jack in the production of Jacques and the beanstalk. Barrowman starred in Titans like Peter Williams in 2001 as well.

Additionally, Barrowman has appeared as himself on reality shows. For example, he was a judge in Ice dance for the last two seasons. He has been presenter of several shows such as All Featured Musicals. Fans can keep an eye out for Barrowman as he will always be an active artist.

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