Welsh police officers take a selfie in a supermarket with actor Tom Hardy



Movie star Tom Hardy was spotted in Cardiff for the second time this weekend.The Venom actor, who is currently in Wales filming a new film for Netflix, has caused a stir on social media – this time spotted with police officers in the Welsh capital.Posted on the South Wales Police in Cardiff Twitter account, they said: “Ely NPT is taking a seat for lunch and guess who we are meeting.”

It comes after the actor, 43, was seen in M&S Culverhouse Cross on Saturday, where he also stopped for a selfie with store staff.Posting on Facebook, the M&S store team said: “Amazing to see the wonderful Tom Hardy at M&S ​​Culverhouse Cross today!“The team couldn’t resist a photo. Thanks Tom!”In recent weeks he has also been seen on Barry Island, where he spent time at the fairgrounds on a Saturday before returning on Sunday as well. He even took part in one of the rides, to the amazement of visitors.A photo of the star was shared on the Barry Island Pleasure Park Facebook page with the caption: “Thanks to legend Tom Hardy for visiting us today and loving Barry Island as much as we do.”

Tom Hardy was spotted in Barry a few weeks ago.

Tom was in Wales to film his latest project in Cardiff – a film called Havoc.It tells the story of a drug case gone awry and a detective who must fight his way through the criminal underworld to save the son of a prominent politician.The film is directed by Gareth Evans, the Aberdare filmmaker behind acclaimed martial arts thrillers The Raid and Raid 2, Horror Apostle Michael Sheen and, most recently, Sky Atlantic’s Gangs of London.


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