Urban Television Network (URBT) announces the launch of Crypto Mining



What is happening with the urban television network?

Urban Television Network (URBT) today announced its entry into the digital currency world with the launch of its own cryptocurrency mining business until November 1, 2021. The company’s shares were trading higher by 11.04% to $ 0.0362 on Monday.

What does it mean Urban TV network?

The Company’s cryptocurrency mining will use Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with other well-established cryptocurrencies, making the company one of the leading names in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

“We are a fast growing company and in line with our commitment to excellence, we have decided to throw our hats in the ring and start crypto mining operations starting primarily with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today, the digital money market is one of the largest financial markets in the world. Early crypto users reaped a great advantage and we saw a great opportunity to put our resources into digital currency mining as we know the potential it holds for our business and for investors. Of course, we know that crypto mining activities require very sophisticated and massive calculations and a stable and secure power supply to run and cool computers. drive this project, ”said Joseph Collins, CEO of URBT.

The decision to enter the fast-paced world of crypto is aimed at increasing revenue, driving growth and optimizing many product offerings, which will begin to be supported by cryptocurrencies.

Urban Television Network Corporation operates a broadcast television network in the United States. It primarily focuses on serving African American and Hispanic populations, and other ethnic populations in urban markets.

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Urban Television Network Corp is an American telecommunications and entertainment company engaged in broadcasting as an over-the-air television network. It is committed to creating innovative plans and solutions that provide a wide range of choices for broadcasting, digital streaming services and a state-of-the-art movie studio.


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