TV Tonight: James Nesbitt’s Dodgy Detective Returns to Bloodlands | Television & radio

blood lands

9:05 p.m., BBC One

The Northern Ireland-produced Jed Mercurio-produced police procedural set returns for a second season, with James Nesbitt returning as straight-faced DCI Tom Brannick. It opens with a hectic flashback of Tom in 1998 doing something nasty that requires him to wear a balaclava. The dramas of that night could well be linked to the murder case he is trying to solve in the present day. Hollie Richardson


8 p.m., TVI

Put away all the “singing detective” headlines and Adrian Dunbar’s new crime drama felt all too familiar but incredibly pessimistic. This flashback-rich series finale sees the retired widower investigate a suspicious death in a difficult area that sheds alarming new light on the arson that killed his family. Graeme Virtue

Frozen Planet II

8:05 p.m., BBC One

In tonight’s mesmerizing tour of the Arctic Ocean: two polar bears become best friends for a day of ice dancing and hide and seek; a harp seal pup gains 2 kg in one day; and a walrus goes to great lengths to get the best spot for sunbathing. HOUR

Stolen: catch the art thieves

8:05 p.m., BBC 2

Who knew art was the most lucrative crime after guns and drugs? The creators of this series describing the terrifying heists involved, apparently. Tonight, the submachine gun helped steal $30 million worth of paintings from the National Museum in Stockholm. From thieves burning cars to an investigation reaching Hollywood, it’s wild. Alexis Duggins

thinking about murder

9 p.m. Sky Crime

This unusually thoughtful and unpredictable true-crime series ends with an outrageous fanfare in tonight’s doubleheader: the residents of Beatrice, Nebraska, torn by disputes over who is guilty of a heinous crime 40 years ago, attend to a play about the tragedy that defined their lives. Its cathartic effect is extraordinary. Jack Seale

How with John Wilson

10 p.m., BBC 2

In tonight’s 25-minute offering of comedy excellence, documentarian Wilson draws inspiration from his troublesome cat to teach viewers a lesson in how to keep things in tip-top shape – using taped observations of life in New York to cleverly illustrate his points. HOUR

Choice of movies

Finding Dory, 3.05pm, BBC One

Find Doris. Photography: AP

Andrew Stanton’s 2016 sequel to Finding Nemo is as colorful and dramatic as its predecessor, but its change from fish to lead brings a sadness that will resonate with adults. Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) has short-term memory loss, but a flashback to her parents sends her – along with Nemo and Marlin – on a quest to find them. Fantasy new characters, such as Hank the octopus and Destiny the myopic whale shark, bring the comedy – as does the voice of Sigourney Weaver – while the tragedy of forgetting your identity is an undercurrent that the aging viewer grapples with. will fix. Simon Wardel

Live sports

Premier League football: Brentford v Arsenal: 11.30am Sky Sports main event At the Gtech Community Stage. Everton follow-up against West Ham from Goodison Park at 2:05 p.m.

Premiership Rugby Union: Worcester Warriors v Exeter Chiefs, 2pm, BT Sport 1 At Sixways Stadium.

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