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  • On the other hand, there are clues that can help us unravel this mystery. The main point is that Leland is not a big TV and movie star, although he has appeared in several productions over the past few years, such as Friday night lights and Vice. So the bet is that your role won’t be prominent, and maybe not even recurring, appearing in either episode.

    Also, the manufacture of The last of us recently picked children to play characters in a school scene and some of the behind-the-scenes footage leaked in recent months showed school buses with plaques from Texas, the area where the game’s story takes place before the cordyceps infestation. So putting all of these points together and the fact that Americans generally only call their teachers by their last name, it is almost certain that the Mr. Adler Brad Leland will play will be a teacher in this pre-apocalyptic period.

    This theory is reinforced by the statement of the actor himself, who said he has already recorded his scenes. He does not specify in his speech whether he has finished his participation or whether there will be more, but the fact is that it is already known that the pilot of the series has already been shot in its entirety and It would make perfect sense if his presence was limited to this initial episode – especially since, throughout the game, there is no teacher or classroom in the plot after meeting Joel and Ellie.

      Apparently, the series will expand the pre-apocalyptic scenes beyond this tragic moment (Image: Reproduction / Sony)

      So, it is very likely that Leland is the teacher of Sarah, Joel’s daughter, and that he will appear in this initial episode to show what life was like for the protagonist’s family before the end of the world. On the flip side, that also doesn’t rule out the possibility that Adler is a teacher in the quarantine zone already in the post-apocalyptic period.

      That way, even though everything indicates that Leland’s involvement The last of us is not too shocking, the confirmation that your character does not exist in the games is a nice reminder that you should not expect such a faithful reproduction of the games not live action. Although the official image has impressed with its excellent characterization, we already have more than one indication that the plot must bring new elements.

      This does not mean, however, that there is no concern for fidelity to the original work. Keep in mind that Neil Druckmann, the creator of the video game franchise and director of the games, is one of the people responsible for the production and the script, as well as the directing of at least one of the episodes.

      The first seasoned The last of us will have 10 episodes, but HBO has not revealed when they are expected to debut.

      Source: A-List Productions, GamesRadar

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