‘The Boys’ Season 3 Review: Episode 3 “Barbary Coast”

'The Boys' Season 3 Review: Episode 3

Amazon Prime Video Original Series The boys, kicks off with a flashback parody of a children’s beauty pageant where Erin Moriarty’s Annie competes as Starlight. The show makes a habit of showing overdone jokes about certain things. Such as current streaming services and well-known amusement parks. The difference being that they have Vought in the name or are named after a hero. However, the competition does not seem exaggerated at all. Instead, it shows how deplorable these events can be. The viewer even sees young Annie with a sad face in the mirror. These types of events can cause serious problems for people. It’s even worse when it comes to a young child. This would be one of those times when the show takes a critical look at what kids sometimes have to go through. Also, how some parents force their children into these situations with dozens of health or mental issues that develop quickly after the fact.

Later in the episode, the viewer gets a little insight into how Vought works their hero selection process. The show now shows us the real-life aspects of how companies market their products. Focus on the physical aspects and background of the person they are considering using. The show does a good job of holding up a mirror to how society works. Later, the viewer catches up with Tomer Capone’s Frenchie and his former flame Jordana Lajoie’s Cherie. She’s basically the past version of Frenchie. Where they constantly took drugs, did dirty deeds and worked for dangerous people. What’s interesting is that she dresses almost the same as Karen Fukuhara’s Kimiko. They both wear black clothes and have black hair. In a way, they represent Frenchie as a whole. Kimiko is the soft and vulnerable side that Frenchie hides most of the time. While Cherie is numbing yourself so you can forget about your atrocities side. When Frenchie decides to stay with Kimiko, the viewer can see he’s done with the numb side. Even better, he wants to jump head first to feel everything with Kimiko. A clear sign that he wants to move forward in his life. Which is a big character moment for Frenchie.

Fourteen minutes into the episode, the viewer discovers the life of Jessie Usher’s A-Train. The sad thing is that the viewer sees how out of touch they are with the issues plaguing the black community. Growing up with power meant he didn’t have to go through a lot of those hardships. While others have fought and are still fighting their injustices. What makes A-Train interesting is that it doesn’t fit into the superhero community either. This puts him in a unique position as an individual. He has an acceptance problem within his own community. Although the question is on whose side are his people? Is it the superheroes who don’t care about the life of the common man? Or is it the humans who for years have faced injustices based on the color of their skin?

The viewer sees Antony Starr’s Homelander again in the episode. Only this time he uses the mind of a psychopath. At this point, it’s just a wild dog waiting to be led off the leash. The viewer can see in his eyes that he is just on the verge of breaking. All he needs is a little push to finish his sanity. His constant beatings and explosions are clear indications of someone not doing well. Maybe as the season progresses he will eventually crumble. Or maybe he’ll turn into an even worse monster. A person without a sense of good or the ability to show mercy.

At the end of the episode, the viewer is treated to a demonstration of power over Annie. Homelander leaves him no choice but to concede. All the while, they both have smiles on their faces. However, behind those smiles, there is much more emotion. The amount of rage Annie felt is indescribable. Being visible only through his eyes which refuse to make eye contact with Homelander. While Homelander’s smile is laced with satisfaction and a need to kill. He desperately wants to get rid of Annie. Only he can’t do it without losing in the process. The only satisfaction he gets is his power over Annie. Homelander’s message is clear to the viewer. If I can’t kill you, then you better be sure I’m going to hurt you.

Rating: 8.5/10


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