The Best Samuel L. Jackson Movies, Ranked According to Metacritic

Samuel L. Jackson is one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors. Of jurassic park at star wars, audiences around the world are familiar with his work. The review platform, Metacritic, creates a Metascore for different mediums after considering at least four reviews from critics.

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The site then generates a “weighted average” and rates the media from 1 to 100, the latter being the best possible score. Jackson’s highest rating on Metacritic is I’m not your nigga, where he narrated the nonfiction documentary. However, when it comes to his best films, Metacritic has its own ratings for Jackson’s acting work.

ten Jackson plays an important character in Chi-Raq (77)

Chi-Raq is a modern adaptation of the ancient Greek play, Lysistrata. Spike Lee directed the 2015 film, which is set in South Chicago. Due to the violence, women in the neighborhood embark on a sex strike in an attempt to reduce homicides and shootings within the black male community.

Samuel L. Jackson stars as Dolmedes, who is a disguised character and the film’s narrator. As an important character, he helps connect the scenes and explain the details of each of the chapters to the viewers. Chi-Raq has a generous Metascore of 77 despite its lower user score of 5.4.

9 In Eve’s Bayou, Jackson had more than one responsibility (78)

In the late 1990s, Samuel L. Jackson starred in the gothic drama, Eve’s Bayou. He plays the protagonist’s father, Louis Batiste, a doctor in 1960s Louisiana. The hit independent film was Jackson’s first film where he had other responsibilities behind the camera.

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Not only did he play a major role, Jackson also served as the film’s producer. Eve’s Bayou is definitely up to date, and Jackson’s acting style is different from what most fans are familiar with. However, Metacritic highly reviews the film, giving it a Metascore of 78.

8 Jackson is one of the few big names in the Hard Eight (78)

The 1996 movie, hard eight, also known by its original title “Sydney”, was written and directed by American filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson. In addition to Samuel L. Jackson playing an important role, the cast also includes big names such as John C. Reilly, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the late Philip Baker Hall.

As the story goes, Sydney shows John the ropes in Las Vegas, and Jackson’s character, Jimmy, soon appears on the gambling scene. hard eight offers a gripping plot and interesting character interactions, which Metacritic takes into account when rating the film. As a result, the casino-inspired film has a score of 78 on the review website.

jungle fever tells the story of a successful black man in New York. He is an architect who plans to have an affair with an Italian colleague; however, the reaction of their friends and family leads them to wonder if society would accept their desires and racial differences. The 1991 film was directed by Spike Lee and stars Wesley Snipes as the protagonist, Flipper Purify.

Samuel L. Jackson plays the main character’s brother, Gator Purify. Despite Jackson’s compelling character, many critics believe that Gator is not his best performance. This could either be because he was still working on his career in Hollywood at the time, or because of Gator’s disturbing disappearance. According to Metacritic, the film is among Jackson’s best with a Metascore of 78.

6 Jackson returned as Frozone in The Incredibles 2 (80)

The latest feature film from The Incredibles The series includes several characters seen in the first film. Fourteen years after the original, Disney Pixar has released a sequel featuring the family protagonists and longtime friend of Mr. Incredible, Frozone.

After voicing the cool superhero in 2004, fans expected Jackson to return and portray Frozone once again. Thankfully, they weren’t disappointed, and Frozone is playing a bigger role in The Incredibles 2 and a bigger part in the script. The film was a hit with fans and critics alike, and Metacritic gave it an 80 for Great Animated Sequel.

5 Jackson plays a crucial character in Django Unchained (81)

Django Unchained is Quentin Tarantino’s highest-grossing film. Jamie Foxx stars in the lead role in the revisionist western while Samuel L. Jackson plays Stephen, a butler employed by the main antagonist. Stephen is a crucial character as he uncovers Django’s true intentions.

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Jackson is no stranger to Tarantino movies, and Django Unchained is one of his best performances. With such an impressive cast and a $100 million budget, the film was destined for success. On Metacritic, the Metascore is 81, although the user score is currently slightly higher at 86.

4 In Fresh, Jackson portrays the protagonist’s father (81)

The 1994 movie, Costs, follows a humble young boy of the same name who sells drugs on the streets of Brooklyn. As a result, Fresh finds himself caught in dangerous situations involving corruption and violence. Samuel L. Jackson plays Sam, the protagonist’s alcoholic father and chess mentor.

Sam is a fast chess champion who teaches his son to think faster and more tactically. Jackson’s character encourages Fresh to implement this logic throughout his life to solve his problems and improve his impoverished well-being. The crime drama isn’t widely known, but it has an impressive Metascore of 81.

3 Jackson’s character is seen at the beginning of Kill Bill: Volume 2 (83)

Samuel L. Jackson plays Rufus, the pianist, in Tarantino’s martial arts thriller, Kill Bill 2. At the beginning of the film, during the chapter “Massacre at Two Pines”, Rufus is seated at the piano. He is one of eight people killed in the wedding chapel at the start of the film.

The iconic black-and-white scene is brief, but it’s a genius moment. Jackson’s lovable character still manages to induce tension in what already seems like a nervous scene. On Metacritique, Kill Bill 2 has a Metascore of 83.

2 The Incredibles was a milestone in Jackson’s voice acting career (90)

The Incredibles came out almost twenty years ago. The animated film was Pixar’s sixth feature film, which introduced audiences to a protagonist superhero family. In a world where superpowers are illegal, Mr. Incredible hacked into and listened to police radios with Frozone in search of some action.

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Samuel L. Jackson voices Frozone, and several memes have been constructed from scenes from the original film. There is no doubt The Incredibles was a milestone in Jackson’s voice acting performance, which Metacritic recognizes with a high rating of 90.

1 Pulp Fiction is one of the most iconic films ever made (94)

pulp Fiction is one of the most iconic movies of the 1990s. Not only was the Tarantino movie a box office success, it also catapulted Samuel L. Jackson’s acting career. He stars as Jules Winnfield – a hitman in Los Angeles – whose partner in crime is Vincent Vega, played by John Travolta.

It is evident that the film is considered a masterpiece by critics and fans around the world. pulp Fiction is the highest rated Samuel L. Jackson film on Metacritic with a score of 94. The user score on the platform is currently 90, and on other similar sites the film’s ratings are unanimous and generously high.

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