Teenagers storm Strood KFC to film music video but receive offensive comments online

A group of musicians stormed a KFC to film a music video and drew mixed reactions from the public, including offensive comments online.

A video shows a dozen young men singing loudly and dancing, as well as climbing on the counters of the restaurant.

Warning: the video contains offensive language

The youngsters took over the Strood branch in Commercial Road, entertaining a few customers but annoying others.

A woman who was waiting to collect her meal said: “They definitely halted things. I went for a takeaway and our drink was spilled on the floor. We had to wait longer to get our food.

“Luckily they apologized and offered to pay for our drinks. The entertainment was definitely worth it, though.”

Friends JM, 17, and Lemzo are causing the musical chaos.

Rochester resident Lemzo, 19, said he wants to break into the industry with his drill music.

JM (left) and Lemzo (right) founded the music group TTP. Photo: J.M.

He said, “My brother is a reggae artist, so I wanted to follow in his footsteps. He was my inspiration. I also want to make my mom proud of my music.”

The group, called Trust The Process (TTP) was formed a year ago by the two teenagers. The name comes from their ambitious motto – trust the process because they would later become one of the biggest artists in the music industry.

TTP’s latest song still doesn’t have a name or release date, but the young musicians say they’re having a great time with their friends filming their music video.

They had first captured the exact same scene in a park, but didn’t like how it looked, so one of their friends suggested using KFC or a McDonald’s as the background.

Lemzo said, “We just walked into KFC and started filming it. Some people were smiling and laughing, and some people didn’t like it.

“Nobody kicked us out, though. We did it all in probably five minutes. It was fun.”

From left to right: the founders of Trust The Process, Lemzo, 19, and JM, 17
From left to right: the founders of Trust The Process, Lemzo, 19, and JM, 17

Despite the fun times and mostly positive reaction, JM and Lemzo said they were upset by some of the comments they received online, which called them a gang.

Lemzo said: “It’s very stereotypical of them. Just because we’re a band and making noise doesn’t mean we’re a gang.

“You can’t just jump to conclusions like that. So that pissed me off a bit. But it is what it is.

“All we want is to just make people happy with our music. We don’t want to cause trouble.”

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