Shilpa Rao made her debut as a singer for Dr Darshan’s Gujarati film Trivedi Lakiro’- Exclusive! | Gujarati movie news



The directors of the upcoming film ‘Lakiro’ are busy with preparations in full swing. The director, Dr Darshan Trivedi, often gave a dose of the behind-the-scenes action. ETimes got a glimpse of popular singer Shilpa Rao alongside Parth Bharat Thakkar, the filmmaker, and other crew members. Shilpa Rao, a Bollywood singer, made her debut in Gujarati music, and in an interview with ETimes she expressed her feelings about the debut and Parth and director Trivedi also shared their views on it.

Darshan Trivedi said, “Shilpa has a very calming voice. We were doing a relationship song and trying to fit it into jazz. When Parth came to tell me he was thinking of Shilpa Rao as a singer, I didn’t. Couldn’t agree more. The song she gave voice to became one of the most powerful songs in the movie. What I liked about the process was that despite being a non-Gujarati, she was so prepared with Gujarati diction. It’s a complicated song filled with emotions, and yet it did the song justice. ”

Shilpa Rao: “On record, this is my first Gujarati song for the movie ‘Lakiro’. Parth Bharat Thakkar made a beautiful song. Something people will definitely connect with. There is a feeling of love, of warmth and compassion. … ”

Parth Bharat Thakkar: “I’ve always liked Shilpa’s voice and I’m glad we were able to fit it into this song and she also did a great job. It’s her Gujarati debut too, so it’s even more special for me and the ‘Lakiro’ team. This song is going to be a duet with another special singer that we will unveil soon. Plus, it’s a great lyric from Chirag Tripathi. I can’t wait for people to hear this song and the whole album. ”

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