‘Saturday Night Live’ is a vital part of television history, American culture (Editorial)



“Saturday Night Live” claims the all-time Emmy Awards record with 92. Since 1975, the show has featured its sketchy comedy with often controversial themes and a cutting-edge flavor that has been a common topic around coolers. office water. Saturday, the show will present its 47th season and thank goodness the formula has not changed.

TV drama comedy shows have had a wide reach over the years. Rolling Stone Magazine’s 40 Greatest Comedy Sketch TV Series of All Time features some of the best shows in the genre. From “Your Show of Shows” by Sid Caesar (no 6), “The Carol Burnett Show” (no 7), “Rowen and Martin’s Laugh-in” (no 11), “The Tracey Ullman Show” (no. 25) ), “Saturday Night Live” comes second behind “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.

But of the 40, “SNL” is the only show still around and shows no signs of slowing down. With all due respect to the Monty Python, “Saturday Night Live” is hands down the greatest comedy sketch of all time.

The writers and producers of the series have never shied away from trying to translate political themes into simple laughable moments. And these times have often been criticized for being biased, which is fair. Admittedly, supporters of Donald Trump did not appreciate Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of the 45th president. And Kate McKinnon’s impressions of Hillary Clinton have not always been welcomed by Democrats. What we sometimes forget is that satire has always been part of the political landscape. And politicians who don’t laugh do so at their peril. To her credit, Clinton appeared on the show with McKinnon and laughed.

Outside of politics, “Saturday Night Live” has impressed certain actions and keywords in our consciousness that are timeless. Let that be Emily Litella’s comment. “No matter;” A music producer demanding more “cow bell”; a “river side van” from a motivational speaker; Chevy Chase’s impressions of Gerald Ford; “Two wild and crazy guys; Wayne’s World or “Bass-O-Matic,” the show entertained audiences with comedic tracks that are a vital part of American television history.

Another major element of the show, the music also left an indelible mark. A historic meeting of Simon and Garfunkel; a provocative Elvis Costello; a controversial moment with Sinead O’Connor; the bizarre antics of David Bowie or DEVO and the pure rock of the Rolling Stones and Nirvana, “Saturday Night Live” accurately represented the changes and milestones in our artistic culture and earned its place as the best sketch comedy show. all time.

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