RuPaul Charles Sashays in Scripted Film and TV with Sony Pictures TV Deal



RuPaul Charles is RuPaul’s Drag Race creator and host. The LGBTQ show currently has 13 seasons, the Not returned special after-show, a All stars derivative series, and several international versions such as Drag race Spain. However, her drag queen legacy began long before the series. He is on the verge of further expanding his empire with the production company RuCo, which has just signed a first agreement with Sony Pictures TV.

RuPaul Charles has already made history

World of wonders RuPaul’s Drag Race continues to be like the super bowl of LGBTQ television. The show aired on Logo TV before moving to VH1. RuPaul All Stars Drag Race 6 is the first season to debut on ViacomCBS’s Paramount + streaming service. WOW Presents Plus is the home of international spinoff shows.

His work on RuPaul’s Drag Race has made history by winning him a total of 11 Emmy Awards so far. This is the highest number of Emmy awards ever given to a black artist. He has no plans to stop his dominance anytime soon.

RuCo by RuPaul Charles does scripted programming

RuPaul Charles | Randy Holmes / ABC via Getty Images

The Hollywood Reporter reported that RuCo, RuPaul’s production company, has signed an initial contract with Sony Pictures Television.

RuPaul has previously developed a number of scripted shows, including that of Netflix. AJ and the queen. However, the first season ended up being his only season. by Hulu Queen has been in the works with JJ Abrams attached for a while, which is a fictional look at RuPaul’s life.

Sony Pictures Television’s first look deal is a big step for RuPaul. The reality show is how the general public knows its name. But, that will only further expand his empire. He seeks to use this pact to bring character-driven LGBTQ dramas, comedies and animated shows to the world. THR says this content will include RuPaul’s “positivity, empowerment, humor and music”.

Former State Street Pictures executive and The hate you give producer Jay Marcus has been appointed to lead film and television. This would indicate that RuCo could also develop LGBTQ films for Sony Pictures and beyond. RuPaul said in a statement, “Not only am I thrilled and honored to join the Sony Pictures Television family, but I am also extremely grateful for the opportunity to tell unique stories that move the conversation forward.”

The future of LGBTQ movies and TV shows is limitless

LGBTQ movies and television have become more popular with mainstream audiences in recent years. Billy Eichner’s Brothers will be the first major romantic comedy from gay Hollywood studios. Additionally, it will be the first Hollywood film to feature an all-LGBTQ main cast, including RuPaul’s Drag Race Symone, winner of season 13.

RuPaul has the opportunity to make great film and TV moves that can make a difference to many people around the world. Sony TV co-chair Jason Clodfelter told THR: “As a kid in high school I was laughed at for dancing to RuPaul’s hit song ‘Supermodel’. I never imagined how many walls Ru would crumble for LGBTQIA + and allied heterosexual communities.

He continued, “Ru’s love for everyone correlates with the cultural uniqueness that we look for in our storytelling at Sony Pictures Television. We are honored to be a part of Ru’s continuing historical journey.

Stay tuned for more information on RuCo’s LGBTQ movies and TV shows.

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