Rebelde Season 2 Trailer Gives Us “Elite” Vibes, But With Music

“Todo is worth”, the rebel The trailer for season 2 promises. “Siempre y cuando se vuelvan virales.” And anything goes as long as you go viral certainly seems like the theme for a season that will bring a new director, new conflicts, new characters, and much of the same drama that made rebel season 1 such a success.

Season 2 also promises more music, of course. It wouldn’t be Elite Way School without it. But the main plot seems to revolve around the ramifications of La Logia’s exposure, which include a stricter new manager who seeks to break up the group, as well as the wrath of parents and the powerful in Mexico. No big deal, just another day for these teenagers.

There’s, of course, a One Direction joke as the new director pushes for solo careers for every band member, and someone (that’s Luka, obviously) compares himself to Harry Styles. But group problems and even romantic problems – new character Okane seems like the aforementioned love interest for Luka – something even more sinister happens in the trailer.

Because the trailer teases a murder in EWS, which gives the second season of rebel a different Elite atmosphere, only with music. The question now, of course, is who is dying – and will the show actually kill off any of its main characters or are we just worrying for nothing? Either way, it’s an effective way to get fans to tune in, because as things stand, everyone is worried about their favorite.

Season 2 of Rebelde hits Netflix on July 27.

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