Please famous whites stop telling us you don’t swim



White celebrities really should stop advertising how little or how little they bathe.

For some reason, some famous people think that not bathing or washing your hands is OK.

The latest culprit is Jake Gyllenhaal. In one interview with Vanity Show released on Thursday, the actor said: “More and more I find that the bath is sometimes less necessary. I believe … that good manners and bad breath get nowhere. So I do this. But I Also thinks that there is a whole world of not bathing which is also very helpful for skin maintenance, and we cleanse ourselves naturally. Ironically, he said all this while advertising his new line of perfumes.

But Gyllenhaal isn’t the only A-lister to reveal that they belong to the world of the Unbathed.

The uproar started when a celebrity couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher told the hosts on Chair expert podcast in July that they wash daily only what they consider their needs. For Kunis, it’s his face, and for Kutcher, he washes crevices and “nothing else ever.”

Then when they added their kids to the conversation, Kutcher said, “If you can see the dirt on them, clean them up. Otherwise, it’s no use. “

That’s not all.

Actor Kristen Bell has come in defense of the couple Tuesday appearing on View. Speaking about her own method of parenting, she told the show’s hosts, “I’m a big fan of waiting for the stink. Once you smell a whiff, this is biology’s way of letting you know. that you need to clean it. “

No, that’s probably how biology says a person has passed the point of no return.

To be fair, there is no specific guideline on how often a person should bathe. However, if they stink, they probably should have done it already. The Cleveland Clinic, a somewhat more reputable source for health advice, says once a day is generally recommended, not only to prevent odor, but also to prevent pore clogging, excess dry scaly skin, or to prevent the spread of germs. Remember that dirt carries everywhere.

No matter how much money some celebrities have, bath time doesn’t seem like a top priority.


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