Nobu Chef gets docuseries from AGC Television

A four-part documentary series from the producers of “Tindler Swindler” AGC Television will delve into the world of celebrity chef and hotelier Nobu Matsuhisa.

Titled “Nobu”, the series is co-produced with Hollywood Gang and Gianni Nunnari’s Altimeter, and is in pre-production. It will be directed by documentary filmmaker Matt Tyrnauer (“Valentino: The Last Emperor,” “Studio 54”).

Matsuhisa is a pioneering restaurateur and businessman with 47 restaurants and 27 hotels bearing the “Nobu” name. However, his path to success was improbable and strewn with obstacles, adversity and tragedy. An official description of the series presents it as an “epic journey from Japan to Peru to the United States and many other points around the world that will be discovered by exclusive access to Nobu, its global empire and its main collaborators, friends and celebrities”. Fans.”

Tyrnauer’s latest projects include “The Reagans,” a four-part documentary series for Showtime that re-examines Reagans’ America and the impact of his politics and policies, and the “Home” documentary series for Apple. Tyrnauer is also in post-production on the documentary series “Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons” for Hulu.

Tyrnauer and Altimeter co-founder Corey Reeser are on board as executive producers along with Nunnari, Ford, AGC founder Stuart Ford, TV AGC president Lourdes Diaz and executive vice president of content no romantic BJ Levin. Reeser will also serve as showrunner.

Ford said, “Helping a world-class filmmaker like Matt chronicle the past and present journeys of a global culinary and cultural icon like Matsuhisa-san is an exhilarating prospect, so we’re thrilled to be working with our Hollywood partners. Gang and Altimeter to bring this ambitious multicultural docuseries to life.

Nunnari added, “I have known Nobu for much of my life; he is a man whom I deeply respect, both for his profession and for his wise approach to life. I’m thrilled to help share Nobu’s inspiring journey with the world.

Says Tyrnauer: “It’s one of the greatest, most inspiring and interesting stories I’ve ever had the opportunity to tell. Nobu’s reinvention of a kitchen, its meteoric success in redefining food culture around the world, and its push into the hospitality industry would be quite impressive and interesting for a series, but I’m appalled at the unknown history of the male. It is a study in perseverance and triumph over adversity – a self-made individual, whose career nearly crumbled and burned.

“There are twists, big lows and, more recently, staggering highs. I haven’t come across a subject for a cinema verité film like this since my first film, “Valentino: The Last Emperor”. In fact, there are a lot of similarities between Valentino and Nobu: both have redefined their art forms and are great survivors in the toughest endeavors. »

The agreement was brokered by WME on behalf of Altimeter; by AGC Senior Vice President of Legal and Business Affairs, Anant Tamirisa, on behalf of AGC; and by Alan Grodin of Weintraub Tobin Chediak Coleman Grodin on behalf of Hollywood Gang.

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