Netflix show with Katherine Heigl transforms Vancouver



Residents shared images of the shoot on social media.

A popular Netflix show starring Katherine Heigl is filming in downtown Vancouver, and the film crew has transformed a neighborhood to look like New York City.

In early October, locals shared images of American actress Katherine Heigl (Knock Up, the horrible truth) and Canadian actress Sarah Chalke (Scrubs, how I met your mother) film the show outside of the Vancouver Club.

Alley of fireflies talks about two best friends who are always there for each other with an “indestructible bond that carries them from their teens to their forties,” according to Netflix.

Filming for the show’s second season took place outside the Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Vancouver on October 27-28. A Vancouverite shared images of cars that look like New York City taxis as well as bus stops in the film. together.

Curious about where some of your favorite small screen moments on Netflix were filmed in the city? New website shows which locations have been used in popular shows and movies; it also gives a brief description of what happened in the scenes that were filmed in each location.


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