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Dwayne Cameron is an actor, artist, director and producer who divides his time between Auckland and Los Angeles.

Always creative, he painted in his bedroom as a child, and he landed his first acting role in the cult TV series The Tribe. He has also participated in other local classics including Peak of Mercy, Legal Street and Shortland Street. Most recently he starred alongside Nicolas Cage in the film 211 and played Bruce McClaren in the 2017 movie Mcclaren. His short film June will be screened at this year’s Show Me Shorts festival.

Sunday has this break and thinks and fills the mood of the tank. I sort of unplug. First of all, I drink less coffee; like turning down the volume in the rain, relaxing a bit. Usually I put the phone under the bed or in another room – don’t check your email and the like – just watch movies and go for a walk on the beach.


I wake up at 4.30 a.m. or 5 a.m. on weekdays. It’s just good to get a lot of stuff done before everyone’s up and the traffic picks up. So on weekends, I turn off the alarm and the birds wake me up.

Cameron Sundays often begin with a visit to local wildlife.


Cameron Sundays often begin with a visit to local wildlife.


I have a nice backyard and this nice tree with big flowers and everything. I sit there and drink a coffee. You can have up to half a dozen sitting in the tree a few feet away from me. They’re there for the sweet pollen, so I look at that as kind of a David Attenborough chain.

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The first thing I’ll do for breakfast is think, “Oh, what can I do with little bits?” I’m going to rummage in the fridge and I’m going, ‘there’s some of that chorizo ​​sausage, there’s some eggs and some spring onions and some garlic’. I like to be creative, even when I cook.


I have a lot of houseplants. I lost track of it, maybe 30. I’m going to cut a lot of firewood and put it in the shed and then water the plants. My method? Excessive watering. I always flood the ground. I bought a plant called red congo, it had two leaves and was 12 inches high. It’s literally like Little shop of horrors now.

1 p.m.

I’m not a Netflix person, but on Sundays I use this to relax. I have always had the eye and the ear. I watched The mail the other day. It is a true and touching story. Just a true story about two lonely people in the world in a very dark and treacherous time that saved each other’s souls.

A scene from the short film June.


A scene from the short film June.

3 p.m.

Sometimes I go to a local beach or for a walk in the bush. In LA, I go to the farmers market, Santa Monica, or Venice Beach. In LA, I live under the Hollywood sign and I walk in the hills. New Zealand is a lush, green, rich, well-watered forest and here is the desert: cacti, coyotes, eagles, steep and dry and rocky.

6 p.m.

Dinner then comes, probably, again, at home. I change it, I have several meals and I just pulled one out of my head and prepared it. I think the main overall goal is just to unplug. Obviously at some point you’re scrolling through the news a bit or something like that.

8 p.m.

I really like documentaries. One Sunday I’ll be watching a movie and a doco, and I love cooking shows. In the evening, if I didn’t, I could move on to this. During the week I’m in bed at 10 or 11 p.m. – weekends are any time.


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