Meryl Streep in a Marvel movie? Writers sketch an “original” character for the legendary actress



Meryl Streep is reportedly in talks with Marvel for a role (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meryl Streep is rumored to be joining Marvel. One of the greatest actors, Streep, is as legendary as they come. The Devil’s actress Wears Prada has won several awards for her skills, including three Oscars and 21 nominations, as well as numerous Golden Globes and Emmy Awards. In addition, the actress has made over seventy-five films, and most of them have received critical acclaim.

The gem of the Hollywood industry is also known for its varied roles and versatility. She is also known to have different accents for her roles, and even after having had an extremely successful career, Streep is in no mood to stop.

There’s a new rumor floating in the air, which suggests that Meryl Streep is in talks with Marvel for a role in the future. The details are still a mystery, according to Giant Freakin Robot, but the character Streep will play would not be in the comics. Instead, the report states that an original MCU character will be written for the Mamma Mia actress.

The report also said making Meryl Streep a part of Marvel would be a smart move for the studio. If the collaboration happens, Streep and MCU fans will have a nice surprise. However, it will be unusual for the actress to reprise the role as she has never been particularly interested in studio blockbusters. The Sophie’s Choice actress only appeared in two effects-focused films, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and Mary Poppins Returns.

While a lot of information has not been reported, and it is still a rumor, watching Streep become part of the Marvel family does sound exciting. Since Phase 5 is yet to come, the actress has huge potential to join the studios.

There are several other rumors about different actors joining Marvel. Recently, Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington joined the studios for the movie Eternals. Since then, there has been speculation that MCU CEO Kevin Feige wants more actors on the show.

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