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Anytime Kevin Hart share the screen with Dwayne The Rock Johnson, there is a “little brother/big brother” relationship between Kevin and the former WWE Champion. Apparently Kevin didn’t have to work so hard to get that kind of vibe across because he Actually has a big brother… who looks like a plot Like him.

Robert Hart turned 50 on September 19, 2021 and Kevin celebrated the milestone on his Instagram account. “Happy birthday to my brother [Robert]”Wrote the comedian. “Words can’t explain how much I love and appreciate you. Thanks for being the best big brother ever. Your love and support got me through some of the craziest times of my life. You’re never away…the real definition of a ride or die is you man. HAPPY 50TH FORTY F-CKING G’S.

While many were taken by such sweet sentimentality, others noticed how much Robert looked like Kevin. “Where is the cloning machine? We know you have one,” a fan asked. “At least we’ll know what Kevin would look like when he gets older,” said another. So who is this man Kevin calls his brother?

Kevin Hart has an older brother named Robert Hart.

The world learned more about Robert in the 2019 Netflix documentary series, Don’t fuck that. As Kevin said on the show, by men’s health, Robert was sucked into gang culture and dealing drugs in his youth. One day, Robert tried to rob an elderly person, which broke the camel’s back. Robert and Kevin’s mother then sued her son and legally emancipated him.

“My mom gave my brother a healthy dose of freedom,” Kevin said in the documentary (h/t Atlanta Dark Star.) “Any mistakes you could make as a teenager, he made them. My brother was in a gang. He sold drugs. One afternoon my brother actually tried to snatch a purse from an old lady. That there was the final straw for my mother. She took my brother to court and got him emancipated.

Robert’s exile affected Kevin’s childhood

Kevin’s mother, Nancy, became much stricter raising Kevin. She blamed Robert for filming the way he did because she was “too lenient” and vowed not to make the same mistake with her younger son. “She established a routine of structured, systematic, supervised movements that she imposed on my life,” he said in the documentary. “His routine for me was as follows: we woke up at 6 a.m., [and] I left to take the school bus at 7 o’clock. After school was over, I had to go to an extracurricular activity.

Robert is a professional pool player

Take a look at Robert’s Instagram and you’ll see that you should never bet money playing pool with him. You also see that it is a father and a proud uncle. He is also proud of all the success his little brother has achieved.

“So proud to witness this whole process and your growth as a child and see things fall into place the way things are for you‼️‼️”Robert captioned a photo of himself standing next to a poster of Kevin and At Tiffany Haddish the comedy, Evening school. “I love your child and I want the world to know it.”

Robert is now sober and leads a happy life. He also managed to work things out with his mother before she passed away in 2007. In 2017, he shared a Photo of his tombstone. “Life is funny, something drew me to my mother’s grave this morning…I got there and someone left flowers,” he captioned the photo, along with hashtags , “#MyMomWasTheTruth #TrulyMissed”

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