Marlboro sneaks back into the TV commercial with “Isn’t it time to start smoking again?” Campaign



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RICHMOND, VA-Describing a plan to reverse the rate of decline in cigarette consumption in the country, an anonymous source from tobacco giant Philip Morris confirmed on Friday that Marlboro had once again made its way into television advertising with the launch of his new “Isn’t It Time We Have You Started Smoking Again?” campaign. won’t notice if we gradually start airing a TV spot here and there, “a company marketing manager reportedly said of the ad that aired at 3:30 a.m. on a cable channel and featured a new iteration of the iconic Marlboro Man, who is seen smoking silently for 57 seconds before looking at the camera and declaring, “Shit, it’s okay to come back.” “Our approach with this campaign was to ask the con summoner: “Hey, what happened? It’s been a while, huh? ‘ There’s a lot of the population who can’t remember the last time they pulled out a good packet of scented Marlboro Reds and bought themselves a cigarette. We just think it’s about time they gave them another chance to smoke. Contacted for comment on the illegal ad, the Federal Communications Commission said it could not provide a statement because its four commissioners were down on the sidewalk enjoying their first cigarette break in years.


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