Mark Hamill Shares Cute Photo With Harrison Ford On His Star Wars Co-Star’s Birthday

Not only the original star wars a all-time movie classic 45 years later, the production also brought together lifelong friends in Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. The pair of actors have shared experience playing two of science fiction’s most iconic characters, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Today, Hamill wishes Ford a happy birthday, because he is now 80 years old!

Mark Hamill took Twitter share a recent photo of him with his star wars costar and a sweet message about their friendship. Check it out:

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The star wars The actor took a moment out of his day to share his gratitude to Harrison Ford, saying he’s “glad to be your friend” alongside an image of the couple sitting next to each other, arms around each other. The actors first starred together in George Lucas’ 1977 star wars film alongside the late Carrie Fisher before coming back for more movies in the star wars franchise including The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi. Hamill and Ford also appeared in the force awakens and The Rise of Skywalkeralthough they did not share any screen time.

Both Hamill and Ford seem to have ended their star wars short considering that Luke and Han Solo died in the star wars Continuation Trilogy. However, a young Luke Skywalker returned for The Mandalorian with amazing digital weathering technology. star wars or not, it seems like these two actors have a lifelong bond that continues whether they’re onscreen. Hamill is nearly ten years younger than Ford and turns 71 in September.

At 80, Harrison Ford remains one of Hollywood’s most beloved living actors. The actor is even ready to reprise her role as Indiana Jones next year in James Mangold’s dispatch for the adventurous hero. Between Indy and Han Solo, Ford has two incredibly famous roles that will always be remembered. Additionally, he also starred in blade runner, Witness, The Fugitive and Air Force Oneto name a few of his most notable films.

Harrison Ford is also known for his charming personality and fun (sometimes grumpy) humor, which the actor certainly shared with Hamill, as in a magic trick video he once shared. Ford is famous for his private life, but he has five children and is married to Calista Flockhart, whom he married in 2010.

Mark Hamill, on the other hand, likes to take to social media to share milestones, not just on Ford, but on many of his star wars co-stars. Thanks, Mark! At the age of 80, it’s great to see Harrison Ford not only as a successful actor, but also as a loyal friend to Hamill.

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