“THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”: Li confronts the imprisoned Sheila about what she did to Finn. When Li uses “is” while praising Finn, Sheila wonders if Finn might be alive. Sheila is about to be transferred to another prison. Mike the guard, who helped her escape years ago, enters. Sheila and Mike search for a way out. Brooke tells Ridge that she banished Deacon from her life. Liam tries to comfort Hope when she tells him that this will break his father. Quinn places a ring on Eric – the ring is actually a heart monitor – while playing pickleball, i.e. having sex with Donna. Eric returns to Quinn, who tells him how much she loves him. Carter dreams of having sex with Quinn. Wanting to start a family and not wanting to hurt Eric, Carter announces that he is marrying Paris and plans to start a family with her. Grace warns Paris that Carter will only break her heart. Bill and Ridge spar. Back home, Katie tells Donna that Bill is still trying to seduce her and that she loves it.


“THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS”: Victor orders Ashland to leave town. As Ashland is packing, Victoria arrives and says she is going with him. Nikki and Victor are stunned by her decision. Kyle and Summer prepare to go home. Devon and Nate clash over how to kick off the company’s opening. Devon wants it to be a slow rollout; Nate wants to make it splashy. Lily is upset because she thinks he is too focused on Victoria. Lily settles down when he gives her an amethyst ring. Billy wants to sue Victoria for custody of the children. Tessa is bothered by a sore throat. Jack, fed up with Phyllis’ last stands, tells her he’s done with her for good. Upon meeting Diane, Jack sits down to chat with her. Elena is so tired she can barely stay awake. Her chance to nap ends when she is called to the hospital. Amanda warns Imani not to seduce Nate.


“DAYS OF OUR LIVES”: Feeling guilty for setting EJ up for Sami’s kidnapping, Lucas turns to the bottle. Kate fears losing Roman if he finds out she knew about Lucas’ misstep. Jan gives birth prematurely to a baby boy. Breaking up with EJ, Belle goes to comfort Shawn, the man she loves and wants in her life. Tripp says goodbye to Salem. Sarah and Xander have a romantic reconciliation. Sarah panics when she has a hallucination and remembers losing her baby. Marlena says don’t be scared because she can increase her meds, which should help. Abby and Chad revel in their marriage and children. Chad leaves the room. When he returns, he finds a lifeless, blood-soaked Abby in their bed. Jack arrives to celebrate his birthday with his daughter.


“GENERAL HOSPITAL”: Finn visits Liz in Shadybrook. Liz appreciates the visit, but she needs to be alone to deal with her problems. Sonny warns Dex to stay away from his family. Valentin suggests that he and Ned co-run ELQ. Brit is haunted by her love for Jason. Willow decides not to search for her biological mother. Liesl tells her daughter that she wants her to be as happy as she is with Scott. Sonny will do anything to destroy Michael for his betrayal. Sonny takes Nina back to Port Charles. Marshall returns. Curtis realizes that his father has serious mental health issues. Although they are under control with medication and therapy, he does not want to burden his son. Portia tells Trina not to let Esme win. Ava tells Nikolas that she wants to end their relationship. Leo is delighted when he is given a horse. Valentin suggests that the boy call him Comet.


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