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The original Lord of the Rings trilogy composer Howard Shore is reportedly in talks to return to compose for the upcoming Amazon LotR series.

Howard Shore, the composer of Peter Jackson the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, is reportedly in talks to return for the next Amazon series. Shore’s musical contributions to Jackson’s films are a big part of what made them successful, as evidenced by the composer’s three Oscars for his work on the trilogy. Shore returned to the franchise to collaborate with Jackson again on his film adaptations of The Hobbit.

In a movie franchise as massive as the Lord of the Rings, no one person or aspect of the production can fully explain the success of a film. A lot of different things had to come together for Jackson’s the Lord of the Rings movies for success, breathtaking panoramas of New Zealand and the incredibly talented set of stars with groundbreaking special effects and captivating production design. Although this is entirely a group effort, no individual but Jackson himself deserves more credit for the Lord of the Rings than Shore, who crafted a hauntingly beautiful score for each film, firmly establishing the energy and feeling of Middle-earth for millions of viewers.

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Now, it looks like Shore is once again returning to Tolkien’s fantasy world. Through Deadline, the composer is said to be in talks to return to the franchise on Amazon and compose music for the upcoming the Lord of the Rings prequel show. Season 1 of the series, which is said to have cost a record $ 465 million to produce, is scheduled to stream on Amazon Prime Video on September 2, 2022.

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For a show that seems to share very little DNA with the Jackson movies, bringing Shore back could be a big step in getting fans of the movies tune in. The series takes place during the Second Age of Middle-earth, long before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring. This means that the show will focus almost entirely on new characters and locations. As such, Shore’s music would be a welcome dose of familiarity to pair with anything new to the series.

With the biggest budget ever for a single television season in history, Amazon the Lord of the Rings the show has a lot to do. The studio has already ordered a second season as well, which will go into pre-production in January 2022, months before Season 1 releases to the public. All in all, the new the Lord of the Rings the series appears to be an important and expensive experiment in modern television production, and the addition of Shore as the series’ composer could ensure that at least part of it will live up to its promises.

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