Local Organizations Help Eastern Kentucky Flooding

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Nicki Rippy is living a nightmare in Virgie, Kentucky.

“It took away a good chunk of our driveway, it took away the ends of our yard,” Rippy said.

She is one of many people affected by flooding in eastern Kentucky. She also says she is one of the lucky ones…her family is alive and their house is still intact.

“I feel really sad for people who have lost loved ones. The destruction and some of these people…because our county is mostly made up of retired or disabled coal miners and they live on a fixed income, so how are they going to fix all of that,” Rippy said.

Back home in southern Kentucky, local organizations are doing all they can to help.

“We want to do our part and give back, help as much as we can,” said BG Freedom Walkers founder Karika Nelson.

BG Freedom Walkers asks for donations like water, non-perishable items and gift cards. Crews will then deliver the donations to affected areas in eastern Kentucky on Monday.

Seven local Red Cross volunteers arrived in eastern Kentucky early Friday morning, where they will stay for two weeks to help with shelter, cleanup and spiritual healing.

“It’s hard to understand that it happened so quickly. I cannot imagine the grief these families feel, the missing and wanted, I hope they are found safely in their homes and can be brought out and brought to safety,” Cross said. -Red by Jennifer Capps, executive director of South Central Kentucky.

The devastation across the state touches us here in south-central Kentucky…having recently experienced a natural disaster ourselves.

“When we had our tornado last December, many communities in Kentucky and different states helped us out,” Nelson said.

And now, even as we are still healing from our own natural disaster…we watch as our community gives back to those in need.

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