Lisa Bonet’s transformation from 16 to 53 years old


Before she started acting, Lisa Bonet felt out of place in a wealthy white community in Los Angeles, California. She recalled her childhood in a 1987 interview with The Washington Post: “Black kids called me ‘Oreo’, and I just didn’t feel totally comfortable and accepted with all these, you know, rich white people.” Bonet said she had been going through an “identity crisis” and continued, “I was also an only child, so I really didn’t have anyone to identify with, and I loved begging my mom every time. days of having a child, another, but my parents were divorced. “

Even though she didn’t have another brother, Bonet needed something else in her life. A friend invited her to an acting class, which Bonet liked enough to return. She would soon land a guest spot on “Saint-Elsewhere“in 1983. The actor was 16 when the episode aired, the same age she was when she auditioned for” The Cosby Show “.

When Bonet made his first appearance on “Late Night with David Letterman“In April 1986, she recognized her” little “role on” St. Elsewhere, “he said,” I wasn’t really that interested in acting. It was just that I was going to school, and in Los Angeles, especially, when you’re, you know, a minority, there’s no work there for you at all. So when the opportunity arose, I was like, ‘Wow, a series. Amusing.'”

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