$leazy EZ unleashes evil in new horror movie clip, ‘Stuck Inside’ | Music | Weekly Gambit

Just in time for Halloween, New Orleans rapper $leazy EZ has a horrifying new music video for his single “Stuck Inside.” Shot like a found horror movie, the video follows four paranormal investigators checking out a strange house in Harahan when an investigator (played by $leazy) unwittingly unleashes evil into the group. Watch the music video below.

“Stuck Inside” was directed by Opus Mercury and $leazy EZ, with art direction by Robert Devold and produced by Ebonie Mathews. Along with $leazy and Mercury, the video also features BLÜ and Coal as investigators chosen one by one.

$leazy, part of the glbl wrmng collective, released “Stuck Inside” earlier this year. “When I wrote the song, I was on a journey of self-discovery,” the rapper told Gambit in March. “I felt like I had strayed too far from myself. It was to the point that I was unrecognizable in the mirror. I was stuck in a mental and emotional vicious cycle and felt like that I was going to be stuck in poverty forever. As the song ended I realized it spoke to me on many different levels. That’s how I knew it was that one.

Learn more about $leazy EZ at sleazyez.com and on Instagram, @sleazyez.

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