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James Franco is stepping up his acting comeback and will play one of the lead roles in Danish director Bille August’s post-WWII coming-of-age drama Me youadapted from the novel You, Mia by Erri DeLuca.

Franco will play alongside Tom Hollander (The night manager) and Marguerite Jacob (vanity lounge), with principal photography set to take place in Ischia from September.

Franco quit acting after a series of sexual misconduct allegations made by several women in early 2018, during the height of the #MeToo movement. Additionally, in 2019, students at Franco’s now-closed film and theater school, Studio 4, sued the actor and his partners, accusing them of pushing theater students to perform in scenes of more and more explicit sex in front of the camera. In 2021, Franco and associated entities agreed to pay $2,235,000 to resolve the lawsuit.

Located in Ischia in the 1950s, Me you centers on 16-year-old Marco, who spends his days “sailing the tranquil waters of the Bay of Naples with hardened fisherman Nicola”, played by Franco, “who seduces Marco with his wounded tales of sea and war after his military service as an American GI,” according to a plot description. “Shy and inquisitive, Marco sets out to discover all that his enchanting new surroundings, so far removed from his native London and dark Scottish boarding school, have to offer. to offer.”

Marco is on vacation with his parents (Hollander plays his father Edward) and “embarks on a summer that will change him forever when he meets the enigmatic 20-year-old Caia”, played by Jacob, and falls in love with her. “A beautiful complicity is established between the two when Caia reveals her painful past; a childhood stolen by the SS and a father who got his daughter off a train in Yugoslavia to save her from the horrors of a concentration camp. The harrowing stories of Nicola and Caia arouse a fierce resentment in Marco towards the SS, and when he encounters a group of rude German tourists on the island, he decides to avenge Caia’s pain. This sets off alarm bells for Caia who avoids her but, fueled by his infatuation and impossible love for her, Marco plans an arson attack on the German’s villa to prove he is worthy of the affection of Caia.

Directed by August (Shovel the Conqueror, The best intentions), with a screenplay written by Greg Latter (Good bye Bafana), Me you is produced by Sean O’Kelly of Brilliant Pictures (iron sky) and Marc Bikindou (black Dahlia, Deception), Mark Hammond of Cristaldi Peaks (The traitor), alongside Jad Ben Ammar and Leo Maidenberg (deep fear, sisters in arms) who are on board as co-producers.

“I’m thrilled to come aboard this phenomenal project and work with the legendary Bille August,” said Franco. “I’m a huge fan of his work, and Me you is a truly brilliant script.

Brilliant Pictures, based in London and Rome, handles worldwide sales rights. Franco is represented by Anonymous Content and United Talent Agency in the United States, as well as Adequat Agency in France. Hollander is represented by Anonymous Content in the US and United Agents in the UK

Ahead of this year’s Cannes Film Festival and Market, it’s been revealed that Franco is set to star in an action thriller mass of The singing detective director Jon Amiel.

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