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Ernesto Mitchell, founder and senior music video producer at Xtreme.Arts, says he’s eyeing the film industry and hopes to get into it soon.

“I think this kind of diversification will be the next big step for me, because the world of music is constantly changing and change is inevitable. I already have scripts, processes and ideas in the pipeline, ”he said. DancehallMag.

Mitchell, 33, founded the company in 2011. He has shot and directed videos for a long list of Jamaican celebrities, including Koffee, Protoje, Shenseea, Spice, Teejay and Tarrus Riley.

Even with such an impressive track record, Mitchell still has a favorite.

“My best production so far; would be Protoje and Koffee – Switch It Up. The vibe and feeling of this video was at an all time difference. I put the two artists where no one expected them to be, ”he said.

Mitchell got his chance after working with Baby Cham and O on the track Groan. A former student of the New York Film Academy, where he earned a degree in video production, it was certainly something he always wanted to pursue. However, he said his career comes with its fair share of challenges.

“Most of the challenges we face are finding the right locations and the right talent to complete each video. Bringing an artist’s idea to life can also be difficult as a lot of them are pretty specific in how they want the video to come out, ”Mitchell explained.

Mitchell has also recorded singles under the moniker Deejay X. He revealed how he was forced to record his own videos when he started recording.

“There came a time when we (him and his brother) needed someone to shoot music videos for our songs and realized we were missing that aspect. Since I already had a passion for it, I tried it and ended up loving it. I can safely say that I won the ultimate career from that decision, ”he continued.

He doesn’t have to rack his brains to come up with music video concepts. In fact, Mitchell says all he and his team have to do is combine their creativity to make it happen.

“My team and I listen to the song a few times, exchange ideas, mix and match, remove and add, which helps get the idea from mind to pen to paper. Then the script or the treatment was born, ”added the director of the clip.

He also had a few words of encouragement for aspiring music video producers.

“Once you have an interest, don’t suppress your vision and your dreams. YouTube is your best bet right now, it is an open platform where you have access to a wide range of videos / tools to help you learn a lot about production videos and more. If possible, get training or certification in the field. Pushes you.”


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