Is Salman Khan dating American actress Samantha Lockwood? Here is the truth behind the rumors | Buzz News

New Delhi: After American actress Samantha Lockwood attended megastar Salman Khan’s 56th birthday party, rumors were circulating that they were dating. Fans suspect that the “Shoot The Hero” actress has a romantic connection to our Bhaijaan, but how true are these speculations?

Not very true as Samantha herself recently crushed all dating rumors in a recent interview. The American beauty told an entertainment portal that she had met Salman and he was a nice guy but there was nothing left between them.

She also said that she had met Hrithik but that no one suspected anything about this meeting.

Taking pretty much the same, Samantha told Bollywood Hungama: “I think people talk a lot. I think people can say a lot about anything. I met Salman and he’s a very nice guy. , that’s all there is to say about it. So I don’t I don’t know where people got this idea from. I mean, I met him, I met Hrithik, nobody doesn’t say anything about me and Hrithik So I don’t know where this news came from, but obviously it’s getting disproportionate.

Samantha said she was not impressed with the celebrities at Salman’s party as she was unfamiliar with people in the industry.

She said: “To me, everyone was just a different person because I don’t really know anyone. I just knew Salman, I had met him a few times before, so really, for me, he was the only celebrity that I knew. Then I started to meet other people and I learned that they were actors or actresses or directors or producers and so on. So for me it was a party with lovely people and then I learned who it was by being at the party. It was a great experience, everyone was just super nice and had great conversations, a very elegant evening. “

Lockwood has revealed that his favorite Bollywood film at the moment is Salman Khan’s “Sultan”.

On the job side, Salman Khan is busy with “Tiger 3” by Maneesh Sharma, also starring Katrina Kaif.

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