“I should be happier than that”



Viola Davis’ career has become the stuff of legends. She is the first African-American actress with a triple crown, having brought together the holy trinity of awards in two Tonys, an Oscar and a Primetime Emmy Award. She’s often the highlight of any movie she honors, whether she’s the star or not, and she has a weird instinct for choosing the kind of empowering roles that suit her presence. Through hard work, dedication and an overwhelming desire to leave a mark on the world, Davis has forged a career that is meaningful and determined in its impact.

But there was a time in Davis’ historic run to Hollywood where her success left her a little unsatisfied, which later led to a crisis. Ugly the star struggled to come to terms with.

Viola Davis felt a void after her role in “Doubt”

Viola Davis | Vera Anderson / WireImage

Before his career took off, Davis spent years honing his craft on Broadway before moving on to film and television. Although early in her career saw Davis playing small roles, she made those small roles feel larger than life.

It was this same feat that earned Davis the role she had spent her entire life playing in Doubt, with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Although Davis was only in the movie for eight minutes, the world watched this familiar but unpopular actor snatch the stage from two greats. This resulted in Davis being offered several high profile roles as if that was Hollywood’s way of apologizing for taking so long to recognize her.

But for Davis, Hollywood success wasn’t synonymous with happiness. In a resurfaced interview with Oprah on Own, Davis describes how her Oscar-nominated role left her empty inside.

“I went through a horrible midlife crisis, you know, during DoubtDavis told Oprah. “Because I was nominated, and I worked with Meryl Streep, and I thought I should be happier than that. Yeah, I felt a void. I didn’t know that success was felt by that. way.

Viola Davis must have defined her happiness

Viola Davis had to dig into herself to find what she was looking for, but even the search for her own brand of happiness had an element of fear.

“I didn’t realize that when you get to the middle of your life anyway, there’s a certain disillusionment that comes with it,” Davis explained. “So here you are, you are right in the middle of your life, so you have to be thinking, ‘Okay, Viola, really, what would make you happy? And that’s really scary, because the things that could make you happy may not be nice to other people.

Since meeting Oprah in 2012, Davis has seen her career reach even greater heights. She starred in the hit ABC crime drama How to get away with a murder for six seasons. She’s dabbled in box office mega hits like Suicide squad, and recently channeled the Ghost of the late blues singer Ma Rainy into Ma Rainy’s black background.

With his commitment to Hollywood and his growing resume, it looks like Davis is healthily past his midlife crisis. As for success, the actor even commented on being in a more comfortable place during his older years.

“I feel more comfortable in my own skin at 51, and I didn’t expect that to happen. I was preparing for the impact at 50; at 51, I was preparing for fall, ”said Davis Today. “And the fall did not take place. I am perfectly comfortable in my skin.


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