Houston turns into a reality TV hub



Houston, known for its variety of neighborhoods, cultures, restaurants and personalities, is quickly becoming a hub of reality TV. Whether it’s for a single episode or an entire season, several reality shows have chosen Houston as their backdrop. Residents of the city are also joining the spotlight with locals participating in several recent and upcoming shows. From cooking contests to dating shows, check out the list below where you might recognize a familiar face.

Married at first sight

Lifetime Season 13 Married at first sight focuses on finding love for the life of a Houstonian. After a rigorous interview process, a team of experts, including Houston-native Dr Viviana Coles, matches locals with other Houston singles. Couples only meet on their wedding day and stay married until the decision day when they decide to stay married or get a divorce. The Houston season is currently airing on Lifetime with new episodes Wednesdays at 7 p.m. ET.

Excellent chef-Houston

Excellent chef chose Houston for the next season of the show, with Houston chef Dawn Burrell making a comeback as “Top Chef All-Star.” Season 19 of the Reality Cooking Contest will feature talented chefs from across town and is set to begin in 2022.

Ready to love

Ready to love returned for a third season based in Houston. The cast explores encounters and relationships with other Houston hopefuls, in search of lasting relationships. You can stream the show on OWN or Discovery +.

Indian matchmaking

Netflix’s dating show, Indian matchmaking, focuses on professional matchmaker, Sima Taparia, who helps guide clients through the arranged marriage process. Sima meets with clients to get a feel for who would make their perfect match, then sets them up. The show jumps between Houston and New Jersey. A single and remarkable lawyer, Aparna Shewakramani, is based in Houston.

Ho’s house

Ho’s house tells the story of a husband and wife who immigrated from Vietnam to the United States to fulfill their American dream. The show chronicles the daily life of Binh and Hue Ho, as well as his daughter Judy Ho, his son Washington Ho and his wife Lesley Ho, Aunt Tina and cousin Sammy. Experience the lavish lifestyle of the Ho family in Houston on HBO +.

The single person

Season 26 of The single person is slated to air in early 2022, but spoilers for the upcoming season are already circulating. A revealing H-Town will be the location of one of the group dates. According to Reality Steve, crews were spotted filming at NRG and The Post, which is a new food and shopping hub that opened in November. The cast and crew also stayed at the C Baldwin Curio Collection on Dallas St.


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