Hot Rods playoffs benefit Bowling Green E! News 40



BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Hot Rods spent Monday night playing hard in the Championship Series… a series that might not have happened if the Minor League Cups had gone differently.

Prior to the 2021 season, Major League Baseball eliminated 43 Minor League Baseball teams. The Hot Rods were among the 120 teams saved. This was a huge advantage for the players, but also for the local community.

Assistant general manager Kyle Wolz said it was thanks to the commotion he sees on the diamond that this match came about.

“He’s a great talent on the pitch night after night,” Wolz said. “We weren’t sure we were going to play playoff baseball this year, but with the second best record in all minor league baseball, we were fortunate to be in that position. “

Broadcasting and Media Relations Director Shawn Murnin said the playoffs are causing a business boom for the community.

“Minor league baseball fans from overseas come in, stay in hotels, go to places like the Corvette Museum, and go downtown, and shop and things like that,” Murin said. “So for six months of the year, really, it’s a place people come to, not just to see the hot rods, but to experience south-central Kentucky.”

And the Bowling Green Ball Park also serves two purposes for its city.

Hot Rods owner Jack Blackstock said: “Well, after we have the championship series this week, which we hope to win, we welcome Toby Keith on Saturday night. A very big concert. Then two weeks later we have the Bourbon and Brew Fest here at the stadium… Go Hotrods!


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