Hollywood actresses are the carbon copy of Indian actresses

The earth is round and according to science, the world has seven identical faces. Whether we find our look-alike in normal life or not, movie stars find other stars who look just like them. The concept of look-alikes shown in bollywood movies in hollywood also happens in real life. We have seen many such actresses in our industry, whose looks are very similar to each other. But do you know that there are many such actresses in the Hollywood industry, whose face looks exactly like our actress? This may be surprising to hear, but it’s true.

Marilyn Monroe – Madhubala

Indian film industry veteran actress, Madhubala has been making a lot of noise not only in Bollywood but also in Hollywood. The appearance of popular Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe matched Madhubala. From her smile to her looks, everyone used to meet Madhubala. There was

so much similarity between these two that madhubala also received the label of ‘Bollywood’s Marilyn Monroe’.

Vera Farmiga – Ashwini Bhave

Actress Vera Farmiga, who plays the main character of the famous Hollywood horror film “Conjuring”, looks exactly like Bollywood actress Ashwini Bhave. Ashwini Bhave was seen working with Akshay Kumar in the movie ‘Sainik’. As Vaira shows off her acting prowess in Hollywood, Ashwini is now living her life away from Bollywood in peace.

Sandra Bullock – Anita Raj

One of Hollywood’s top actresses, Sandra Bullock looks exactly like Bollywood actress Anita Raj. Anita Raj, who has worked in many Bollywood movies, is now working in TV soap operas. At the same time, Sandra plays a successful run in the Hollywood industry. Both are well-known names in their respective industries.

Anne Hathaway – dia mirza Hollywood actress and singer Anne Hathaway looks exactly like Bollywood actress Dia Mirza. Annie was seen playing the lead role in the popular Hollywood movies “Interstellar” and “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.” Meanwhile, Dia Mirza has also been seen working in many Bollywood movies. She is famous for her acting as well as her beauty.

Rakhi Sawant – Haifa Wehbe The faces of Hollywood actress Haifa Wehbe and Bollywood drama queen Rakhi Sawant are also very similar. Haifa comes from Lebanon. In addition to their appearance, their behavior is also similar. Both remain in the limelight solely because of their statements. And just as Rakhi Sawant is more popular as a dancer than an actress, Haifa is also more popular as a singer than an actress.

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