Hollywood actor catches Shaquille O’Neal’s eye with Kevin Durant’s brutal attack: ‘Gave Stephen Curry a herniated disc from that piggyback ring in Golden State’

During his NBA career, Kevin Durant has accomplished so much, from setting records on the court to being called one of the greatest scorers of all time.

During his career, he played for teams like the Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors, scoring some really good points. While there is a lot of speculation currently about his trade situation with the Nets.


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In addition to the NBA, other people are discussing Durant’s trade and his performance in his final season with the Nets. In the aftermath of Durant’s trade, Michael Rapaport, once known to be a close friend of the player, continued to make quite a few statements.

Along with displaying great skill on the court, Durant also had intermittent feuds with people. He never stops if someone points out something wrong with him, whether it’s a fan, an analyst, a former friend or even a former teammate.


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about 15 hours ago

The number of tweets he occasionally makes also confirms this. On the internet, Rapaport is going viral with a video that shares his look at Durant. And the way he says it also has a huge impact. With Kevin Durant’s brutal attack, the Hollywood actor not only caught the attention of fans, but Shaquille O’Neal as well.

Michael Rapaport discussed the business situation surrounding Kevin Durant

A few hours after the broadcast of this video, Shaquille O’Neal shared it on his Instagram story. As it seems, Shaq may have agreed with Rapaport’s statements, or at least found his analysis amusing. During the conversation, Rapaport was asked about his beef with Durant and the business conversation regarding Durant.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – OCTOBER 24: Shaquille O’Neal walks the grid prior to the United States F1 Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas on October 24, 2021 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

In addition to calling Durant “the sweetest player”, Rapaport mentioned how many times he had COVID, compared to the number of braces he had. Afterwards, he mentioned Durant’s approval of Steve Nash joining the Nets and his subsequent displeasure with his coaching style and said he wanted him fired.


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Additionally, he mentioned the absence of Kyrie Irving in the previous season. In the conclusion of the video, he mentioned Stephen Curry, saying: “Gave Stephen Curry a herniated disc from that piggyback ring in Golden State.”

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Rapaport’s response was quite lengthy and it seemed like he wasn’t happy with Durant’s performance with the Nets and the demands he’s making of the team.

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