HER to make acting debut in ‘Color Purple’ musical film adaptation



HER will debut on the big screen in the upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway musical version of The color purple.

The Grammy-winning, Oscar-winning singer is set to play Squeak – an aspiring juke waitress / singer – in the film adaptation produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg, star and director of the 1985 film, the hollywood reporter writing.

Rae Dawn Chong played the role of Squeak in Spielberg’s film, while Krisha Marcano played the character in the original Broadway cast.

Based on the 1982 Pulitzer Prize-winning Alice Walker’s novel and adapted from the 1985 film, the Tony-award-winning musical – which starred Jennifer Hudson and Cynthia Erivo on its 2015 revival – has been announced for the first time. his intention to produce a feature film in 2018. After a long development that began in 2018, the adaptation added the Black is king collaborator Blitz Bazawule as director.

Warner Bros., which will be released The color purple adaptation, has set a release date of December 23, 2023 for the musical on the big screen. Hollywood journalist adds that In the heights star Corey Hawkins is slated to play Harpo in the adaptation.

The roles played by Erivo (Celie) and Hudson (Shug Avery) in the 2015 revival have yet to be cast. In 2016, Rolling stone spoke with Erivo about his mind-blowing rendition of the musical “I’m Here”. “I’m very proud to be able to sing this song because I feel like it’s not especially for me,” Erivo said. “I feel like it’s for all the people who need a moment to check in with themselves and realize that they themselves are fine, and that they don’t need to. a lot of things to get well. I have the impression that it is not specifically for Celie; I think she sings it for everyone too.


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