Hacker steals actor Bill Murray’s crypto after $185,000 NFT charity auction

A hacker has stolen Hollywood actor Bill Murray’s funds following a charity NFT (non-fungible token) auction that raised 119.2 ether (about $185,000).

The hacker began emptying Mr. Murray’s personal wallet at around 7 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, news site CoinDesk reported, citing on-chain data from Etherscan and details from the team. Mr Murray.

The stranger also attempted to take non-fungible tokens from the actor’s personal collection. However, Mr Murray’s wallet security team at NFT consultancy Project Venkman stepped in to protect the actor’s NFTs by moving his high-priced JPEGs – including a Damien Hirst NFT, two CryptoPunks, a Pudgy Penguin, a Cool Cat and many Flower Girls – to a pair of safe haven wallets, according to the report.

NFTs are digital avatars of artworks and collectibles. They can take the form of a digital work, virtual land, a domain name or weapons in a video game.

Ownership of these digital assets is recorded on a blockchain, or digital ledger. But, unlike currencies, in which each token is of equal value and can be exchanged for any other, NFTs have unique qualities that prevent them from being interchangeable or fungible.

In 2021, Twitter co-founder and former chief executive Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold for around $3 million, while Mike Winkelmann, the digital artist who goes by the name Beeple, made headlines. newspapers in March of last year when he sold an NFT for $69 million.

The report says the hacker got away with 119.2 ETH that the actor had raised just a day before for a charity auction and sent the stolen funds to a wallet address linked to crypto exchange Binance. and Unionchain.ai.

Mr Murray’s team has filed a police report and is working with crypto-analysis firm Chainalysis to bring the attacker to justice, according to the report. The culprit has not yet been identified.

Last month, hackers stole $613 million in digital coins from the Poly Network token exchange, only to return $260 million worth of tokens less than 24 hours later to one of the largest cryptocurrency heists.

Updated: 03 September 2022, 06:51

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