Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn marries actress Jennifer Holland | Hollywood

Filmmaker James Gunn recently married actress Jennifer Holland in a private ceremony. James took to Instagram to share photos from their wedding Friday night and added that there was a Marvel vs. DC softball game as part of the wedding festivities. James is one of the few filmmakers to have worked in both franchises, directing both Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad. Read also : Game of Thrones’ Joffrey Jack Gleeson marries his longtime girlfriend. See the pictures

James wore a green suit to his wedding while Jennifer wore a white floral dress to a wedding that apparently took place on a ranch. The first photo shows the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife, followed by a video of the ceremony. There are solo photos of the two, giving a good look at their wedding attire. A photo also shows their custom Funko Pop cake toppers.

Sharing the photos on Instagram, James wrote: “After over 7 years together I have finally married the love of my life, @jenniferlholland. What an amazing, beautiful and beautiful day surrounded by the most wonderful family and friends And, yes, it was a moose that showed up at the start of the ceremony! Speaking of their Funko Pop cake toppers, the filmmaker further wrote, “Yes, @originalfunko designed our cake toppers wedding cake on our tux and dress (Jenn didn’t let me see them before the wedding because her dress was too perfectly made!)”

He then added that as part of the wedding festivities, there was a DC vs. Marvel softball game, which involves the cast and crew from his superhero projects playing along. wrote, “We had some fun festivities on Sunday, including a Marvel vs DC softball game (@michael_rooker played on both teams!)”

Jennifer and James have been together for over seven years and decided to wed earlier this year, announcing their engagement in February. Jennifer starred in Peacemaker, which was written and created by James. Their first collaboration was the 2019 film Brightburn. They also worked together in the 2021 DCEU film The Suicide Squad.

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