draw barrymore: Netizen calls actor Drew Barrymore racist for making TikTok video about trending ‘black men fooling around’

Hollywood actor Drew Barrymore has been slammed as a racist after the star posted a TikTok video in which she dances in the rain. Shortly after Barrymore uploaded the video via his official social media account, a TikToker slammed the actor for copying a trend called “black men frolic.” Notably, the trend was brought into the arena by black TikTok video creators in early 2022.

Commenting on the video, the TikToker named @amushroomblackly claimed that Barrymore disrespected and rejected the boundaries set by black content makers.

The user mocked the 47-year-old actor and said the actress was well aware that she could enjoy the rain and frolic freely, but there was no need to film her and publish the video on the short video. gaming platform, TikTok.

The user also claimed that Drew Barrymore co-signed people who broke boundaries to disrespect black creators. The video that TikTok user @amushroomblackly found offensive shows the Hollywood actor dancing in the rain and asking his followers to step outside in the rain whenever the chance arises.

The actress is accused of copying the trend, which went viral after it was started by the TikTok account @thexsadxoptimistic. Twitter account user @thexsadxoptimistic had posted a video of himself in May 2022 in which he could be seen running in a field, stating that he was “frozing!

The video garnered many views and many users recreated the clip adding the hashtag #blackmenfrolicing. Interestingly, the hashtag has been used over 600,000 times.

However, several Drew Barrymore fans have also shown their support for the actor. One of his fans said he watched Barrymore’s video six times but found nothing racist in it. Another user asked if going in the rain was a racist act.

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