Curb Your Enthusiasm Soundtrack: Who composed the music, including the iconic theme …


September 30, 2021, 09:14

Everything you need to know about the HBO musical Curb Your Enthusiasm, including the mischievous main theme …

If you’re looking for some background music to make the soundtrack to that awful moment of shame after walking down a lamppost, or maybe a tune to mark that bum note in your recital last week, look no further. far than the delightfully mischievous theme for Calm your enthusiasm, the TV show will be back soon for an eleventh series.

“Frolic,” the sitcom’s main theme, is based on the constant oompah-oompah of a solo tuba, with a hissing chromatic mandolin line across the top.

But while HBO’s comedy first lit our small screens in 2000, its theme has its origins in 1970s Italy.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm returns for an eleventh series

Curb Your Enthusiasm returns for an eleventh series.

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Who wrote the main theme of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”?

The main theme, titled “Frolic”, was written by Italian film composer Luciano Michelini and has become synonymous with the television show Calm your enthusiasm.

But the comic walk was not an original piece for the series. It was composed for a little known Italian film Domaine de la bellissima (Le Bel Été), and was accidentally discovered years later by SidewalkThe creator and star of Larry David, who on the TV show plays an exaggerated version of himself.

David’s ears pricked up when he heard the music used in a bank ad. He explains on James Andrew Miller’s podcast that he felt he had a cheerful quality. “There was something funny about it. I like to get out of it, in a comedic way, and sometimes music can help in that regard, ”he said.

“That says to the audience: don’t take this seriously, it’s just funny. “

Who wrote the rest of the soundtrack?

Most of the scenes from Calm your enthusiasm with background music are orchestrated by film music composer Wendell Yuponce.

Yuponce orchestrated the charming twee “Three Little Maids From School Are We” by Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado, that we frequently hear in the series alongside the gypsy dance ‘Les tringles des sistres tintées’ from Bizet’s opera Carmen.

When will Curb Your Enthusiasm season 11 be released?

Calm your enthusiasm will return to HBO for Season 11 on October 24, with new episodes released weekly.

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