Black Adam’s theme music is deservedly epic

Dwayne Johnson stars in Black Adam, also starring Pierce Brosnan and Noah Centineo.

Image: Warner Bros./DC Comics

The existence of Warner Bros.’ black adam the movie has, the longest, I had the impression that it would not happen. But here we are, weeks away from seeing Dwayne Johnson beat (or team up with?) the Justice Society of America. Since it doesn’t really make sense to release another trailer, Warner Bros. released their anti-hero theme song earlier this week, and it’s… actually pretty awesome?

Composer Lorne Balfe’s sample, simply titled “Black Adam Theme,” does a solid job of giving the titular demigod an air of musical menace while simultaneously being heroic or awe-inspiring. Ever since Johnson and the movie trailers tried hard to sell Adam to be A cut above the other superfolks that run in the DC Universe, it fits perfectly. Strings give way to brass and rising vocals

Black Adam Theme | Lorne Balfe | Water tower

As far as character themes go, it might not be as epically explosive as Michael Giacchino’s theme for Batman or stirring like what Hans Zimmer tried to impregnate Henry Cavill’s Superman with. No, it’s a little more in the territory of Jane Foster’s Theme for Thor: Love and Thunder (also directed by Giacchino) in that it’s more about amplifying the hype of his specific character. With the strings giving way to brass and rising vocals, the song also has the added benefit of sounding as if it was at one point meant to be a theme song for Johnson if he ever got the chance in his job as the dude. busy time to get back to wrestling. Seriously, give it a year or two, and that song will be used in football game commercials and E3 sizzle reels.

black adam hits theaters on October 21, and you can expect our review in the coming weeks.

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