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Making money as an actor means making a lot of money, and many of Hollywood’s biggest names all know how to cash in on their staples. Some people made unthinkable salaries, while others had modest salaries which led to something much bigger down the line.

After breaking out on Saturday Night Live, Bill Murray has spent years becoming one of Hollywood’s most popular actors, even showing a penchant for thriving in smaller, more dramatic projects. Murray made a mint on his acting skills, and the highest estimated salary he received has placed him in an elite company.

Let’s take a look at what has been dubbed Murray’s biggest paycheck on the big screen.

Murray is a Hollywood legend

Bill Murray Caddyshack


As they walk through the history of comedy artists in the entertainment industry, fans will be hard pressed to find someone as talented and admired as Bill Murray was during his illustrious career. He has a host of successes under his belt, and his stint in classic movies and TV shows has set the bar high that few comedies can ever match.

Saturday Night Live was the show that made Bill Murray a household name in the ’70s. Things didn’t always go so well behind the scenes while Murray was on the show, but when the lights were on and the cameras were rolling, the man was a comedic genius who left a lasting legacy behind him. Thanks to the success of SNLMurray would make a smooth transition to the big screen.

Over the decades, Bill Murray has featured in classic films such as Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Rushmore, And much more. Whether in a traditional comedy or even a smaller drama film, Murray shines when the cameras roll, which has allowed him to pursue his career at full speed since leaving. Saturday Night Live.

Thanks to the success he has had with his acting, it goes without saying that Bill Murray made millions during his time in Hollywood.

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He made millions in his career

Bill Murray GHhostbusters


It is not easy to reach the top of Hollywood and to stay there is even more difficult. The fact that Bill Murray has been at the top for so long shows just how great a performer he is. Sure, he’s had some downhill slopes, but his ability to feature in major projects has kept him relevant and in the dough.

At the bottom of the ladder, Murray was only paid $ 9,000 for Rushmore, but that modest salary was well worth it thanks to the film rejuvenating his career at a time when he needed a boost. Even movies like Stripes paid him a modest salary, but over time Murray was able to cash in.

According to Country of money, Murray had huge salaries. For ghost hunters, the actor pocketed around $ 6 million and received a similar amount for the sequel to the film. Interestingly, the actor would earn a similar salary for Garfield, while movies like groundhog day and The Royal Tenenbaums paid him a little over $ 2 million.

As good as those salaries have been, they now fall short of what he earned for his biggest film paycheck to date.

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Murray won $ 48 million for “The Jungle Book”

Bill Murray's Jungle Book


It was estimated by Country of money that Bill Murray could have pocketed somewhere in the $ 48 million range for his performance in The jungle Book. The site estimates that number based on Murray potentially receiving a portion of the film’s profits, which wouldn’t be too surprising to see happen. He is, after all, one of the greatest comedic actors of all time, and he played Baloo in the movie.

Released in 2016, the live-action remake of The jungle Book went on to receive critical acclaim and a box office bonus for what he did with the Timeless Story. After making $ 966 million worldwide, it was clear that Disney had huge success in their hands and the actors had the chance to win millions for their performances in the film.

$ 48 million is a huge sum up for grabs, and that would put Murray somewhere on the all-time list for the biggest paychecks of all time. $ 20 million is considered elite money, so if The nation of money the guess is fair, so kudos to Murray for taking advantage of the House of the Mouse.

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With an estimated salary of $ 48 million for The jungle Book, it will be difficult for Murray to come close to that number again.

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