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Even during what appears to be a routine traffic stop, a police officer must be prepared for anything.

So when Sterling Heights Constable Kevin Coates pulled over a motorist for speeding on Mound Road and 18 1/2 Mile on September 30 and the motorist got out of his car, the officer got out of his car. do the same.

But instead of meeting an angry defensive driver, Coates was confronted by a 79-year-old man in tears.

“Everything is bad,” the man told Coates. “My wife is really sick and my son is mentally ill. … I bought a television today because I want to please my wife. And I can’t seem to plug it in.

The man, later identified as “David” by Sterling Heights Police, told the officer he had visited local stores to purchase cords and ask for help connecting his new TV 50-inch screen to its decoder.

After letting David go with a verbal warning, Coates told the man that if he wasn’t too busy later that night, he could come to the man and see if he could help connect the new TV. He said his partner, later identified as Officer Remi Verougstraete, was very good at electronics and the two could help him later that night if no other urgent issues arose.

Agent Coates and David exchanged contact details and about an hour later at 8:30 p.m. Coates, Verougstraete and new recruit Agent Jeremy Jakushevich arrived at David’s house.

Lt. Mario Bastianelli of Sterling Heights said Verougstraete directed the installation of the TV and connected the cable line to it.

“When we make a traffic stop, we don’t know what’s going to happen,” Bastianelli said. “I give Agent Coates a lot of credit. He read the situation correctly. The motorist was not upset. He wasn’t looking to be a threat and Agent Coates overheard him. The guy was having a tough day.

“I am very proud of Constable Coates, Constable Verougstraete and new recruit Constable Jakushevich who went above and beyond to help our residents,” said Police Chief Dale Dwojakowski. “This is just another example of the incredible service the Sterling Heights Police Department provides to our community. “

Bastianelli said the officers’ actions that night could earn them a citation at next year’s police awards ceremony.

“This is exemplary service from our agents. This is another example of the high standards we set, ”added Bastianelli. “We are very proud that our officers are thinking outside the box and helping our citizens in any way they can.”


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