Actor Nick Stahl opens up about Hollywood comeback over drug addiction issues



Actor Nick Stahl has said he has shown “resilience” to tackle his drug addiction issues and has been “returned” to Hollywood.

The Terminator star told The Hollywood Reporter that he did not have a “brake pedal” when it came to alcohol and drugs and was forced to put his acting career on hold after starting to fight for “show up” to work.

He said things were “really bad for me,” according to the US publication.


Nick Stahl (Ian West / PA)


Nick Stahl (Ian West / PA)

“It’s a horribly cliché child actor story, but I had a very unusual relationship with drugs and alcohol,” he added.

Stahl, 41, said: “I was pretty much hungover for every day of work I ever did, as a kid, in my early twenties, through all the movies, to through In The Bedroom, through Terminator, to Carnivale, through all of it.

“I didn’t really discriminate, I would use anything to change the way I felt when I was sober.”

Stahl said his first taste of alcohol was like a “spiritual experience”.

“It made sense to me.

“Suddenly, I freed myself from the thought, from the discomfort.

“I felt good about myself and I had never really felt that way before.

“I thought, ‘Oh! This is how we make life ‘.


Nick Stahl (Anthony Harvey / PA)

Nick Stahl (Anthony Harvey / PA)


Nick Stahl (Anthony Harvey / PA)

He said when he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 16, he started drinking and partying.

“I used to go to bars.

“I found it very easy to enter these places.

“A lot of my friends were older and I had a great time.”

Stahl said he “expected some resistance” when he returned to acting.

“I thought I had a bad reputation.

“I knew there were probably questions.”

However, he added, “The casting directors made me feel welcome.

“There might have been a bit of hesitation at first, but as soon as I had a few jobs under my belt, I kept working. “

Earlier this year, Stahl starred in the TV series Fear The Walking Dead and Animal Kingdom.


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