A person associated with the television industry has died in an accident

The driver of a car died after losing control and overturning while traveling on Highway 2 near the town of Las Armas on Wednesday afternoon.

According to information provided by official sources, the victim was identified as Luis Alberto D’Arco (53), a television operator from Mar del Plata, who was a member of VCA (Video Cable Atlántico), Cablevision Multichannel, Telecom and Argentina. through the administrative office. Television union (SAT).

According to local media, the incident happened in the afternoon 299 km from the highway.
When the VW Suran brand vehicle went astray and several rollovers were carried out, causing serious injuries to its only driver. Firefighters and Las Armas Highway Detachment personnel rescued the motorist and transferred him to Maipo Municipal Hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

Route 11. Feather

Two people, a man and a woman, were seriously injured in a head-on collision between cars near La Caleta.

The incident occurred at 3:30 p.m. at km 490 when a Fiat Siena vehicle, driven by a Mar del Plata policeman and traveling with his wife, collided with a Renault Kangoo, also hitting the steering wheel. With a man from Del Plata. ,

As a result of the accident, the woman and the driver of the utility truck were injured and had to be transferred to the Interzonal General Hospital of Agudos (HIGA).

The prosecutor’s office intervened for the convicted crimes of Mar del Plata.

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