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Christmas number one follows this great British tradition of trying to reach the top of the pop charts during the holiday season. We’ve had so many memorable Christmas hits over the years, with songs like Slade, Band Aid, and Boney M.

Now this new original film arrives on Sky Cinema reveling in the race to make a blockbuster Christmas record. The international cast of this Christmas television the highlight includes Frieda Pinto, Iwan Rheon and Helena Zengel. Even Alfie Boe and Joe Lycett are moving for fun.

So here is everything we can tell you so far about Sky Cinema’s Christmas number one

“A Number One Christmas” release date

Christmas number one has been released on Sky Cinema in the UK starting Friday December 10, 2021. It will undoubtedly get a US and global release as well, possibly on a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but we have yet to had confirmation. We will update as soon as we have one.

Is there a “Number One Christmas” trailer?

A trailer for Christmas number one has yet to be released by Sky, but we expect a nice Christmas trailer to arrive soon, so we’ll post it here when it does.

The plot “A Christmas number one”

Christmas number one has quite a mix of romance, boy bands and thrash metal gracing the film. Fresh off a breakup with the world’s hottest pop star, music director Meg Rai (Frieda Pinto) is leaving New York for London to manage boy band, Five Together, which is desperate for a Christmas hit after their last album went wrong. Can Meg guide them to the right melody?

Meanwhile, British thrash metal singer Blake Cutter (Iwan Rheon) is persuaded by his Christmas-obsessed and terminally ill niece, Nina Cutter (Helena Zengel), to put his thrash metal band, Scurve, aside so that ‘he can write Nina the Ultimate Christmas Carol.

Guess what! In a completely unpredictable Christmas twist, Meg somehow finds out about Blake Cutter’s success, but can she persuade him to let this be the number one Christmas her band desperately needs or Blake, the song and Nina will show Meg what really matters in life?

Meg and Blake soon fall in love with each other, making it a true romantic comedy about the collision of two worlds – with a girl at its center who desperately wants her uncle to find love and her song to reach. the first place on Christmas day. Surely it is the season of miracles?

Heartwarming party fun in 'A Christmas Number One' with Fried Pinto and Meg and Iwan Rheon as Blake.

Heartwarming party fun in ‘A Christmas Number One’ with Fried Pinto and Meg and Iwan Rheon as Blake. (Image credit: Sky Cinema)

Casting of “A Christmas Number One” – Frieda Pinto, Iwan Rheon and Helena Zengel

Christmas number one stars Frieda Pinto as Music Director Med Rai in her mid-thirties. Freida ‘first made a name for herself in the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire, which earned him another success in the film Immortals in 2011, Mowgli: legend of the jungle in 2018 and Hillbilly elegy in 2020.

Iwan Rheon, who plays heavy metal singer / songwriter Blake Cutter, is known around the world for his portrayal of villainous Ramsey Snow in the fantasy series. Game Of Thrones. Previously he had made a name for himself in the Channel 4 sci-fi drama Unsuitable (currently on Netflix). He had already become an acclaimed stage star by then, making a name for himself in the musical West End Spring awakening. Iwan is also a successful musician, playing guitar and singing for The Convictions since the age of 16.

In 2014, Iwan played Dylan “Smurf” Smith in the BBC1 drama Our daughter and he also played Ash in the ITV comedy Vicious alongside Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi. For the Netflix movie Dirtiness he played Motley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars.
Iwan is fluent in Welsh and English, with Welsh being his first language. He has a partner, Zoë Grisedale and their first child was born in August 2018.

Helena Zengel, who plays Blake Nina’s niece, is a 13-year-old German actress best known for starring alongside Tom Hanks in Netflix Western World news.

Could Christmas romance be the order of the day in

Could Christmas romance be the order of the day in “A Number One Christmas”? (Image credit: Sky Cinema)

Cast of “A Christmas Number One” – who else is playing

As for the other castings Christmas number one, search for Richard Fleeshman (Coronation Street, monday monday) as musician Rannelle Spear, Georgia Small as Kandy Caine, Joe Lycett as DJ, Alfie Boe as Grainger Cocksmith and former Emmerdale and Hollyoaks star Alex Carter as Gareth. Rich Hall, Hannah Steel and Ashley Margolis are also starring, while the film’s co-writers Giles New and Keiron Self also have roles.


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