A burglar climbs three floors to steal the TV

Business burglaries are on the rise in the city, according to recent incidents which were reported to Hi-Tech Security Nelspruit. Its response manager, Callum mac Pherson, said the company responded to a burglary on the night of Tuesday April 19, when a burglar climbed three floors to get inside a building.

He managed to climb all three floors and entered through an open bathroom window. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible if I hadn’t seen the burglar’s footprints on one of the third-floor toilets,’ he said.

He said the man escaped with a television and MacPherson suspects there may have been an accomplice.

“This is not the first time we have come across a burglar with extreme climbing abilities. There have been one or two other incidents, however, it is suspected that it could be the same person.

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Mac Pherson said open windows, particularly bathroom windows, were a popular way for burglars to enter commercial and domestic properties.

“Often the suspect will climb inside the window and then close it behind them. So when security comes out to check the property when the alarm goes off, it looks like there is no break-in point. Meanwhile, the suspect is already inside the building, disabling the alarm and taking what he wants.

He urged residents and business owners to ensure windows are closed, especially windows that have extended burglar guards.

“People are recommended to install beams above their windows so that they are alerted to a possible break-in before it happens. People are also advised to install cameras on their properties. There has to be some sort of early warning system,” he said.

Mac Pherson added that car break-ins are also still quite high and encouraged people not to leave valuables in the vehicle.

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“There are so many cars broken into, but people are still leaving valuables inside and in full view of passers-by.

“Burglars usually come in their own vehicle and park next to a car they want to steal. Unless you’re in the car they plan to break into, you won’t realize what’s going on.

He urged the public to remain alert to their surroundings and to remember to close their windows and not leave valuables in their car. Nelspruit Police spokesman Captain Zandile Gqawa said businesses are urged to improve their security systems.

“They have to install alarms, security cameras or hire security service providers,” Gqawa said.

“We are also asking motorists not to leave valuables on car seats or in places where criminals can easily see or access them. Nelspruit SAPS can be contacted at 013 759 1008 or they can call 10111 to report any criminal incidents,” she said.

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