Why Apply for an Eco Credit Now?

An Eco credit has been created to finance environmentally friendly projects around and in your home. You can borrow for installing solar panels and other green products at a very favorable rate and you can help make the world a little greener again. An Eco credit is designed to make it easier for homeowners to increase the sustainability of the environment and their home through a loan.

The Eco credits are therefore for “green” improvements such as replacing your old boiler, installing solar panels or installing roof insulation. These are all environmentally friendly investments that will help you save money later. You can now have these works carried out via an Eco credit, with the advantage of a favorable interest rate and a tax incentive.

What is the Eco credit for “green” improvements?

What is the Eco credit for "green" improvements?

It is actually a regular personal loan with a more favorable interest rate that can only be used to finance environmentally friendly works such as:

  • Replacement and maintenance of old boilers.
  • Installation of a heat pump.
  • Mounting of photovoltaic panels that convert solar energy into electricity.
  • Installation of other material intended for the production of geothermal energy.
  • Installation of new windows with double glazing.
  • Floor, roof and wall insulation;
  • Installation of thermostatic valves or a timer-based room thermostat.
  • Arranging an energy audit of your house.
  • Etc…

Some Benefits Of An Eco Credit.

Some Benefits Of An Eco Credit.

  • A favorable interest rate: you are eligible for a low interest rate lower than on a standard personal loan.
  • You are going to live more economically through energy saving, which means saving money.
  • Fast approval so that you can start your improvements without getting your savings.
  • Environmentally friendly initiatives reduce your ecological footstep.

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