Only marriage can have a baby loan


From July 1, you can apply for a baby loan, the first condition of which is marriage. If it is missing, the banks will reject the loan, even if the couple meets all other conditions. We looked to see if there are still vacant dates in the registry offices before July 1st.

In this case, marriage is urgent

In this case, marriage is urgent

It does not matter whether the couple is married before or after July 1, the point is that they are married at the time of application. Thus, marriage is not urgent for those who are planning to have a child later.

The situation is different when the baby is on the way, but the couple is still ahead of marriage and would like to take out a baby loan. They should definitely schedule the wedding in such a way as to prevent the credit application and the arrival of the baby.

If they do not do so, they will not qualify for interest-free credit and after 5 years the loan will become market-rate and the interest subsidy will be repaid in one lump sum, provided that no new child is taken after the claim.

So, the ideal schedule for interest-free baby waiting support:

  1. Wedding

  2. Applying for a baby loan

  3. Birth of a child

Want to know more about baby support? Not only can you read all the details here, but with the baby loan calculator, you can also calculate how much government support you can get if you have one or more children!

Wedding: You must wait at least 30 days

Wedding: You must wait at least 30 days

Under Hungarian law, there must be at least 30 days after the announcement of the intention to marry. This means that when you make an appointment, the couple eg. and submit the necessary documents, they may stand before the altar in early July at the earliest. Before that, it is only possible to get married if there is an extraordinary circumstance, for example, if one of the parties is seriously ill.

It is also not a solution for a couple to marry abroad since the marriage has to be naturalized at home. It can take up to several weeks to get this done, so there is no way for the couple to go any further with this solution.

There’s not much room for June


Summer is the most popular time when it comes to organizing a wedding, so those who want to find free time as soon as possible start off at a disadvantage. By chance, we chose two districts in Budapest and a larger and a smaller town in the countryside where we inquired about the available dates.

In most cases, we could not make an appointment for June as they were all over. And this applies not only to popular Saturday afternoon times but also to weekday mornings. There are still vacant dates for the second half of July and August, but according to the registry authorities, there is a lot of interest, so we may not be lucky enough to book an appointment in a week or two.

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