September 4, 2019

Urgent Borrowing Money

While the economy is still suffering from recession, fewer lenders are willing to lend you money urgently especially for people with bad credit. In fact, they assume that these people are not worth the risk for a personal or small loan. If you want to borrow money urgently, there are two types of loans: Safe and unsafe. Safe loans, as the name suggests, are pledged loans against personal assets such as a car or a house. This makes it safer for the bank to provide a loan because there is something in return in case of default. Secure loans are much easier to obtain if you have a good credit…

August 22, 2019

All about Payday Loan – Read all information here!

  Who is the payday loan suitable for? With a payday loan you are guaranteed to build in 100% security. This loan form is therefore ideally suited for people who are looking for financial security. The payday loan has a fixed term and interest. You take out this loan for a fixed loan target. Because if you combine this financing with a fixed loan target such as a car, the total costs that you incur are clear in advance. You must be at least 21 years old and at most 74 years old to take out this loan. Another requirement is that you borrow for a fixed loan target. This…

August 17, 2019

A credit card is an excellent and flexible means of payment

With most credit cards you have the following standard options: Making payments, without cash, with the pass; Withdrawing cash at payment machines Pay via internet, based on credit card number and security code Generally accepted both in the Netherlands and in Europe, but much worldwide By default, some basic services are often included as travel insurance, guarantee for purchases and assistance with problems Extra options The list of additional options is long. Below you can see some: Free gift when applying for a credit card Saving programs for free gifts Discount at affiliated organizations Free legal assistance Free advice for travel organizations Free use of business lounges Free participation special…

August 11, 2019

Errors in the risk analysis of granted mortgage loans: Perverse incentives and mechanistic criteria

The Bank has in its balance sheets a high percentage of unpaid mortgage loans and uses it as an explanation of its expensive loan policy and its current Spartan risk criteria. Let me tell you, as a connoisseur of this sector, that this speech sounds like ” excuses for bad payers .” Now they are very strict in granting mortgages why their current clients do not pay them or pay them badly. Sounds reasonable, right? Not me. If your clients are not good payable, will you have any fault in having selected them as beneficiaries of your credits, right? And their way of reacting is to stigmatize potential mortgage clients…

August 3, 2019

Mini loan providers – Where can you take out a small loan?

A mini loan is a loan with a number of unique characteristics. Mini loan providers are companies that have specifically focused on providing small loans, with the following characteristics: Borrow small amounts. Loans with a short duration Fast money in your account Borrow without BKR review. Are mini-loan providers Dutch companies? This is not the case. A Dutch credit provider cannot offer a mini loan, as is currently being done online. This is because Dutch laws and regulations prescribe that a BKR test must take place and that the loan is also registered with the BKR. The mini-loan providers are parts of Foreign banks. They are renowned banks from Finland…

July 26, 2019

Quick And Easy Borrow Money

This website is a free collection of information about borrowing money. This information is available for you so that you can read through it before taking out a loan. Borrowing, regardless of how much or in what form, costs money. Sometimes you only pay interest and at other times you have to deal with, among other things, closing commission or administration costs. As many topics as possible will be brought to the attention, such as borrowing money, borrowing through a revolving credit or cash reserve and many more important topics that you should be aware of when planning to borrow. By looking at things quietly, it will be possible to…

July 14, 2019

Only marriage can have a baby loan

From July 1, you can apply for a baby loan, the first condition of which is marriage. If it is missing, the banks will reject the loan, even if the couple meets all other conditions. We looked to see if there are still vacant dates in the registry offices before July 1st. In this case, marriage is urgent It does not matter whether the couple is married before or after July 1, the point is that they are married at the time of application. Thus, marriage is not urgent for those who are planning to have a child later. The situation is different when the baby is on the way,…

July 7, 2019

Invest in loans online?

Currently, loans between individuals are an accessible form of investment. That is, you can earn money by lending money to other people through Internet platforms. Loan companies that use financial technologies (fintech) can operate with lower overhead costs compared to traditional financial institutions. This translates into cheaper loans and investments with better returns.   Sounds pretty good, right? However, these loan and investment platforms are relatively new, and therefore, you must consider several factors before investing in any of those that exist in the market. Currently, loans between individuals are an accessible form of investment. That is, you can earn money by lending money to other people through Internet platforms….

June 28, 2019

Why Apply for an Eco Credit Now?

An Eco credit has been created to finance environmentally friendly projects around and in your home. You can borrow for installing solar panels and other green products at a very favorable rate and you can help make the world a little greener again. An Eco credit is designed to make it easier for homeowners to increase the sustainability of the environment and their home through a loan. The Eco credits are therefore for “green” improvements such as replacing your old boiler, installing solar panels or installing roof insulation. These are all environmentally friendly investments that will help you save money later. You can now have these works carried out via…

June 27, 2019

See what BKR loan does in 1 minute!

You have a number of types of BKR loans, but it is almost always a case of not too large loans. A well-known example is a mini loan. This type of loan almost always involves a few hundred euros, rarely more than that. And that has everything to do with being careful to lend someone a lot of money who has a BKR listing due to payment problems The qualification of the application is much smoother, making it difficult to take out a loan. There has been no personal contact and a limited amount of information is available to the lender. That is why they are likely to go up…